In preparing students for college, we are always mindful of our larger responsibility of inspiring them to be critical thinkers and engaged learners. A good education is much more than the passing of knowledge from teacher to student. It's a journey shaped as much by the faculty-student relationship as by the information imparted.

This relationship is at the heart of our academic program. Our faculty brings its love of learning to the classroom, together with broad life experiences and many graduate degrees. These talented teachers create a dynamic classroom environment, emphasizing discussion and collaboration and promoting an open exchange of ideas. In addition, we offer excellent advising, a progression from beginning courses to those that demand university-level work, and a host of special programs that offer uncommon academic opportunities.


We promise you an academic culture that respects your ability to think for yourself and gives you the right balance of structure and freedom to make the most of it. You'll be pushed to question comfortable assumptions, encouraged to exceed self-imposed limits, and inspired to tap into multiple areas of your intellectual abilities. You'll be immersed in a challenging curriculum that cultivates active, lifelong learning. And we'll help you build solid leadership skills by giving you hands-on practice in working collaboratively with others.

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