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Each of Williston’s seven single-gender dorms has its own feeling, from the Victorian-goes-green vibe of 194 Main Street to the casual charm of Memorial Hall to the easy comforts of John Wright. Each is watched over by on-site dorm parents as part of a residential program designed to help you adjust to dorm life and develop good study habits. Living with roommates, you’ll learn the art of social give-and-take, important preparation for heading off to college in a few years.

The percentage of our 420 students who are boarders

Six Fun Things You'll Love About Dorm Life

Social Life

Imagine living in a house with a bunch of your best friends. Our boarders often describe their dormmates as being their support network.

Dorm Parents

Williston’s dorm parents help guide you with decisions, involve you in dorm traditions, and are there when you need to talk.

Common Spaces

Comfy couches, mini kitchens, pool tables—our dorms are designed around places to chill and study with your friends.

Life Skills

As one senior put it, “Living what is essentially a college lifestyle has made me more responsible and reliable.”

Feels Like Home

“The dorm life is one of the most important aspects of Williston life to me,” said another senior. “The dorm has become my second home.”

Friends 4 Life

There’s an undeniable bond that grows among people who live and work together. It’s a connection that many of our alumni say never goes away.

Willy World

We celebrate cuisine and cultures of countries around the world. On Caribbean Night, we feature jerk chicken served to the tune of steel drums. You may also like taco night. But the panini press is always on for grilled cheese or warm fluffernutters.

Community Dinners

At least once a trimester, you’ll don your finest and gather for a formal dinner in Birch Dining Common. It may feature food grown in our Community Garden!

Dorm parent spotlight

Matt Sawyer and Allison Marsland

Matt Sawyer and Allison Marsland co-coordinate the Ninth Grade Program. These longtime dormitory heads know what it takes to make students feel at home. A dorm parent since 1994, Matt lives in our brand-new freshman boys’ residence with his family. On any given evening, you’ll find him giving extra help, playing pool, and arguing with students about why Boston is the best sports city in America. Allison Marsland, dorm parent since 1992, lives in 194 Main Street Dormitory with her family and two lovable golden retrievers, Betty and Pepper. Her favorite activities: encouraging a spontaneous dance party, baking massive amounts of cupcakes for a dorm birthday, and putting together the ingredients for a mug night.

A Sense of Place

“Williston has allowed me to meet so many people, participate in so many things, and really help prepare me for the next step in my life. Every experience here has helped shaped who I am today.” —Sideya Dill '16