Middle School

A mix of personalized attention and expansive opportunity is what distinguishes the Williston Middle School experience. Come take a look.

Average Class Size
Number of Afternoon Program options, including sports, arts, and robotics
Middle School students
Days per week of language instruction

Small Classes, Big Ideas

Our open and encouraging academic approach gives kids the confidence to ask questions, offer answers, and challenge themselves.

Citizens in Training

Understanding the responsibilities of citizenship is a key focus of our curriculum. Through mock trials, public speaking, and field trips, we let kids experience the work of civics first hand.

A Close-knit Community

Advisory groups, field day, socials, lip-sync contests, and other ways we help kids navigate the world of middle school friendships.

Prepare to Succeed

When you enter the Upper School, you’ll have plenty of ways to discover your leadership potential. Students can seek to serve on the student council, be a boarding or day proctor, lead tours and be an admission intern, help peers feel welcome as an international or summer mentor, or participate in our community-building initiative, Project Connect. A full 48 percent of Upper School students inducted into the Cum Laude honor society are Middle School grads.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

“I will always be grateful to the Middle School for allowing me to try so many different things: new sports, new languages, new extracurriculars. I doubt I’d be who I am today without the Middle School.”

Caleb, Kenyon College

“I felt fully prepared to hit the ground running in high school, and many of the skills I learned in the Middle School I still use today."

Ellie, Bates College

“At the Middle School, I learned to be comfortable with who I am and love learning. The teachers helped me grow and gain intellectual confidence and curiosity. Socially, the Middle School was where I met a lot of my best friends and made connections with people I will know the rest of my life.”

Oscar, Middlebury College

Explore the Arts

Painting, sculpting, singing, acting, performing, set design—these are all components of the Middle School creative arts experience.

Play Your Game

Want to try water polo for the first time? Try out for a varsity team in your favorite sport? Or just have fun playing fourths basketball? We offer kids whatever level of challenge they’re up for.

One-of-a-Kind Campus

Williston is an intimate, small Middle School, with access to the remarkable resources of our Upper School. Click this slideshow to see a few highlights of the facilities and programs our Middle Schoolers enjoy.

Middle school students take most of their class in the Whitaker-Bement Center, but head to the larger campus for arts, athletics, lunch, the library, and more.

During our Physical Education classes, Middle Schoolers sample many sports, including squash, field hockey, and water polo.

Middle Schoolers have their own room in the sun-filled dining hall. The kid-friendly menu appeals to all tastes—vegetarian or carnivore, adventurous or traditional.

Just across Park Street, the Reed Campus Center is home to art and dance studios, Ping-Pong, music and photo labs, and everyone's favorite, the Stu-Bop snack bar.

Students interested in sports have access to our tennis courts, playing fields, track, cross-country course, and more.

All Middle School students study theater, and the eighth graders cap their work with a full-scale play. Every student has a role, whether on stage or in one of the technical crews.

"In addition to academics, we appreciate the daily time and instruction in all the extracurriculars: arts, music, theater. It's such an enriching environment." —Parent of a current student

Meet Jen Fulcher

The heart and soul of the Middle School, Director Jen Fulcher is known for her energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the success of every student. She’s also known for doling out high-fives at the door and for her catch-phrase that every Middle Schooler knows: “Nothing is more important than how we treat each other.”