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Williston is immensely proud of its strength and conditioning program.  Widely recognized as a college level program, Williston is fortunate to have not only a terrific facility but exceptional leadership led by fulltime strength and conditioning coach Blayne Lapan.  The goal of Williston Strength and Conditioning is to provide all students with an outlet to improve their athletic performance. The primary goal is to improve the way our athletes move. We strive to improve their patterns of movement, while progressively increasing their strength and power in order to improve performance, efficiency, and prevent injury.

Students can participate through a season long co-curricular program called Athletic Performance training, team training sessions incorporated into weekly practices, and/or individualized programming. All students are welcome to participate and will be thoroughly assessed before a program, properly chosen for his or her current ability, is designed to ensure proper growth as an athlete.  Our program takes a multi- year approach to develop athletes for collegiate athletics as well as beyond to develop long healthy athletic careers and to do this through training and education.

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