Sports Medicine

Williston’s certified athletic trainers provide care for both practices and games, including visiting teams. They also collaborate with Health and Wellness Services and work under the direction of the school’s medical director. Their credentials include National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board Certification (NATABOC) and licensure by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Williston Athletic Training Department is committed to helping our school community prevent injuries and stay healthy and active.

  • Williston Athletic Trainer Contact Information

    Ansel Garvey
    Head Athletic Trainer

    Melissa Brousseau ATC, LAT, M.Ed.
    Athletic Trainer
    Associate Director of Athletics

  • What is a Certified Athletic Trainer?

    Athletic trainers are health care professionals who provide professional care, early evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries, and medical referrals. Athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association for providing quality health care and educating athletes and coaches about injury prevention.

  • What do Athletic Trainers Do?

    • Injury/Illness prevention and wellness protection
    • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
    • Immediate and emergency care
    • Treatment and rehabilitation
    • Professional health and well-being training

    All athletic injuries should be reported to Williston’s trainers in order for proper care and follow up. If athletes are medically excused from practices or games due to an injury or illness, they must provide information from their physician before they can return to play. Should an injury occur after hours or at an away game, the coach will notify the nurse on duty.

  • Visiting Team Information

    A certified athletic trainer will be available for all home game either in person or on a cell phone. The Williston Athletic Training Room in the Cain Athletic Center is available to visiting teams. Pre-game taping and treatment (if necessary) are available if we are notified in advance. Visiting teams should provide their own supplies (since what they are accustomed to may be different from what Williston’s trainers have on hand).

  • Links on Athletic Trainers

    National Athletic Trainers’ Association:

    Athletic Trainers of Massachusetts:

    Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers:

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