History +
Global Studies

The History + Global Studies curriculum provides students with an understanding of the forces that have shaped the past and continue to influence the world today.Through the process of reading and writing, as well as problem-solving discussions, students learn to investigate historical questions, analyze sources, and effectively express their ideas. Working with passionate and expert faculty, they also develop the critical skills needed to become an engaged participant in our democracy, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.


International Relations

In an ever-changing post-9/11 world, we are forced to examine what comes next for American foreign policy. The old system of Cold War ideological thinking no longer applies in an era when the traditional nation-state is losing its importance. This course will look at the lessons of the 20th century and explore what the future holds for the United States in an increasingly global society. We will cover important social, cultural, political, economic, and military events of the 20th century including the crisis in the Middle East, economic relations among the major industrial blocs, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Special Programs

We the People

Members of the yearlong AP U.S. Government and Politics course participate in the civic education program “We the People,” where they show what they know about the history, philosophy, and development of the U.S. government in Congressional-style hearings. Williston’s team won the state championships twice since 2016, going on to compete in the nationals in Washington, D.C. “In a time when an understanding of government seems vital, the engagement of students in the discussion of the structure, development, and process of government—well, I don’t know what we do that’s more important,” says History & Global Studies faculty member and We the People advisor Peter Gunn.

Humanities Concentration

The English Department and the History and Global Studies Department offer a Humanities Concentration to celebrate and encourage those students who have a demonstrated passion for the humanities. This concentration is intended for students who want to exceed the requirements in both departments by investing extra time, effort, and energy to pursue their passion.  In order to fulfill this concentration, students must complete three additional electives, a Williston Scholars course in either department, and additional extracurricular work, such as publication or participation in relevant clubs.

Ninth Grade Humanities Program

The Ninth Grade Humanities Program consists of three trimester courses in history, religious studies, and the arts. Each ninth grade student is required to complete the history and religion component along with one introductory art trimester of his or her choosing.

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"Studying the actions of the Irish Republican Army, their violent points, the way they influenced people to support their cause, as well as why the conflict came to an end, provides details that may help end the war on terror in the Middle East today."

JJ, from his Williston Scholars History + Global Studies project
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Tom Johnson

History and Global Studies Teacher and Department Head

Sarah Klumpp

History and Global Studies Teacher

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