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Williston’s COMPASS Program is an innovative, 360-degree approach that deeply engages you and prepares you for college and life. Through four signature programs, which are interwoven into our traditional independent school curriculum, we create a rich academic and social environment that gives you the tools you need to excel and thrive. At once challenging and supportive, COMPASS is designed to meet you where you are along an intentional, individualized path to realize your full potential at Williston, in college, and beyond.

Williston Scholars

The Williston Scholars program is a college-model course that introduces students to the rigors of directed independent study. A trimester-long course, the program allows students to deeply engage with a topic he or she is passionate about in any discipline. Throughout the program, students connect with content experts both inside the school and out, drawing on the intellectual wealth available to us here in the Pioneer Valley’s colleges and universities.

CORE Life and Leadership

Williston’s Student Life Program is a scaffolded, four-year life and leadership curriculum that engages students with relevant, developmentally appropriate learning about themselves and others. Focusing on unique themes for each class year—our CORE curriculum—this program seeks to help all our students learn important life skills and live healthier lives.

Center for Academic Success

At Williston, we offer a constellation of support that provides students at every level with the academic resources and instruction they need to succeed, and the options that best fit their learning style. From a drop-in visit at our Writing Center to a structured Academic Tutorial Class, students have access to the level of support they need to succeed.

College Advising

A highly personalized and collaborative approach to the college search process that emphasizes reflection and independent thinking to help you find the perfect college fit. Classroom sessions, essay workshops, panel discussions, mini college fairs, practice interviews, and more prepare students to take the lead in their college search process and to matriculate to their best-fit college.

Our Advisory Program

To prepare students for the challenges of secondary school—and beyond—Williston offers a comprehensive program of social support and academic guidance. We start with our CORE Program for ninth graders, which eases your transition through introductory workshops, group activities, and one-on-one guidance. Students in grade 10 through 12 also have faculty advisors that they meet with weekly. At regular Advisory Dinners, the group members share a casual meal at a local restaurant or at the advisor’s home to further build on their relationships. Advisors keep parents up to date through email and Skype, and encourage parents to check in as needed.

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