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Williston’s English Department teaches students the skills to handle language effectively; to think analytically; to write with originality, clarity, and depth; and to speak with thought and substance. At each grade level, we seek to instill in our students a love of literature and to challenge them to grow as writers and thinkers.

History + Global Studies

The History + Global Studies curriculum provides you with an understanding of the forces that have shaped the past and continue to influence the world today. Working with expert faculty, you’ll develop the critical skills needed to become an engaged participant in our democracy, preparing you to thrive in an ever-changing world.


In Williston’s language program you’ll develop linguistic fluency and cultural literacy in French, Latin, or Spanish. Supportive and enthusiastic faculty will encourage you to go beyond gerunds and participles, and will spark your interest in the ways people communicate and connect in our increasingly multicultural world.


Williston’s math course sequence—Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II—teaches the foundation of mathematics that all students need, after which students can delve more deeply into mathematics through a variety of upper-level courses that help them become more successful problem solvers and prepare them for college-level mathematics.


Through close work with faculty in the lab and in the field, science students gain insight into the collaborative nature of scientific inquiry and its role in scientific questioning and experimentation.The core curriculum includes traditional biology, chemistry, and physics courses, with Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and environmental science available for highly motivated students.

Visual + Performing Arts

The faculty of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, while diverse in their individual artistic pursuits, share a common concern for developing human expressiveness and a profound commitment to making the arts an integral part of their students’ lives and the Williston community. Our art courses, which range from 2-D Foundations up to AP Music Theory, cover the fields of studio art, photography, dance, music, and theater.

Course Catalog

The academic program at the Williston is designed to create a rigorous academic environment that inspires you to develop a wide range of intellectual interests and pursuits. Our core diploma requirements are enhanced by a rich and diverse elective program, enabling you to find challenge and inspiration in your academic and artistic work. Each year, we update the Course of Studies to include the coming year’s offerings.

Purchasing Text Books

For complete information about purchasing books, visit our books page.

Summer Reading and Coursework

Every year, Williston faculty prepare summer reading lists and course preparation by subject.

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