In Williston’s language program you’ll develop linguistic fluency and cultural literacy in French, Latin, Chinese, or Spanish. Supportive and enthusiastic faculty will encourage you to go beyond gerunds and participles, and will spark your interest in the ways people communicate and connect in our increasingly multicultural world.

Featured Course

AP Spanish Language

Taken as a fifth year of Spanish, this college-level course focuses on developing a high level of competence in speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Literary and journalistic texts continue the study of Hispanic culture and serve as the basis for vocabulary study, class discussions, and compositions. The course includes a variety of advanced speaking and listening activities and a thorough review of grammar.

teacher and students in Spanish class

Special Programs

School Year Abroad

Imagine learning a language by being immersed in the culture of its speakers. That’s how School Year Abroad works. You have the option to spend your junior year in one of four countries: China, France, Italy, or Spain. It’s an unforgettable experience and an exceptional opportunity for students who are ready for adventure.

Classics Day

Each winter, busloads of Williston Latin students head to Mount Holyoke College for Classics Day, a celebration of ancient cultures. Participants don white gloves and use magnifying glasses to examine and analyze millennia-old Roman coins, sport togas for the oratory competition, and act in classics-inspired skits—proving beyond a doubt that Latin is alive and well in Massachusetts.

Meet the Language Faculty

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Jesus Lopez Diez

Language Department Head and Spanish Teacher

Beatrice Cody

Latin Teacher

Eugenio Garcia

Spanish Teacher

Nat Simpson

Spanish Teacher and International Student Coordinator

"I interviewed several doctors who work with Doctors without Borders and I created a language manual for the Democratic Republic of the Congo to try to instruct doctors better and prepare them better for the language experience that they would have there."

Sarah, from her Williston Scholars Language project
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