Williston’s Math department helps build the foundation of mathematics that all students need, after which students can delve more deeply into mathematics through a variety of upper-level courses that help prepare them for college-level mathematics. Courses range from the foundations of mathematics to a range of engineering and computer science offerings. Students with a strong aptitude in math enter our honors program, and through AP Calculus experience an introduction to college-level work.

Featured Course

Engineering and Robotics

Explore fundamentals of engineering and robotics in this class, where you’ll learn the C++ computer programming language and program robots to move in various situations using motors, servos, encoders, and real-time sensors. Class “challenges” will test your mastery of course topics.

Special Programs in Math

Math Team

Follow the antics of Williston’s most mathematically-inclined team as members solve for x at competitions in prestigious locales from Yale University to MIT.

Math Center

We speak math here. Welcome to the Math Center, where you can get help with homework or just talk about cool mathematical concepts with math-maven faculty and students.

"I wanted to analyze data that was not from a textbook, to familiarize myself with what statistics will be like in a professional, research setting."

Sarah Andrews '17, from her Williston Scholars Math project

Meet the Mathematics Faculty

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Michael Mailloux

Math Department Head

Kathryn Hill

Math Teacher

Monique Conroy

Math Teacher

Whitaker-Bement Girls in Mathematics Competition

In January 2020, the Middle School hosted its first annual Whitaker-Bement Girls in Mathematics Competition. 90 elementary and middle school girls gathered for a day of fun, centered around mathematics, empowerment, and growing a strong female-centric mathematics community. Watch a quick recap video at left, and read more here.

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