About Us

The Williston Northampton School promotes excellence and achievement in and out of the classroom, and values individual expression as a way to create an authentic, diverse, and dynamic community. Williston believes responsibility begins with personal integrity, and we encourage our community to embrace diversity of thought. Williston students are empathetic and collaborative learners, and seek at all times to live and work with purpose, passion, and integrity.

The year of the founding of Williston Seminary. Northampton School for Girls was formed in 1924. The schools merged in 1971.

Our Mission and Values

The Williston Northampton School inspires students to live with purpose, passion, and integrity.

Campus Leadership

"I chose to join the amazing Williston community as head of school because I recognized the instant I set foot on this wonderful campus that this was a special school where great things happen."
— Robert. W. Hill III

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We believe an inclusive community is central to the school’s mission to inspire students to live with purpose, passion, and integrity.


How our community cares for the environment is an important part of the Williston way of life.

Strategic Plan

We believe a vibrant school culture, challenging curriculum, outstanding faculty, and thoughtful embrace of technology are at the heart of an inclusive boarding school community.

Completed Projects

In keeping with Williston’s 2014 Strategic Plan—and thanks to generous support from alumni and other donors—the school has made significant improvements in recent years to our campus and facilities.

Rich in history

In 1841, Samuel and Emily Williston formed Williston Seminary, a coeducational school. It was renamed Williston Academy in 1924. Meanwhile, in the same year, Sarah Whitaker and Dorothy Bement founded the Northampton School for Girls. A close relationship between Williston Academy and Northampton School for Girls developed in the 1930s. In 1971, the Williston Northampton School opened as a fully coeducational institution.

Williston Northampton School aerial view drone shot of Easthampton

Williston in the Community

Williston has a long history of supporting the City of Easthampton. The school’s administration and board of trustees remain committed to providing financial assistance to local groups and to sharing the school’s facilities with local organizations that can benefit from this use whenever possible.

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