Through close work with faculty in the lab and in the field, Williston students gain insight into the collaborative nature of scientific inquiry and its role in scientific questioning and experimentation. The core curriculum includes engaging introductory courses in physics, chemistry, and biology, with Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and environmental science available for qualified students. Through trimester electives, juniors, and seniors can also engage in detailed study of specific topics such as animal behavior, genetics, human physiology and kinesiology, psychology, ecology, astronomy, and Williston Scholars Science.

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This course investigates the molecular workings of cellular genetics. The specifics behind DNA replication, protein synthesis, and the regulation of gene expression will be covered in depth. Chromosome mutations and the various genetic disorders that they cause will be studied, as well as genetic engineering, epigenetics, and the ethical and moral issues that arise as a result of new technology. In this discussion-heavy class, you’ll read current event genetic articles and case studies from popular science genetics books and complete an independent research project.

"I had to learn a lot of new things, such as magnetic spin, and look at quantum physics inside that, too."

Nam, from his Williston Scholars Science project
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Chris Pelliccia

Science Department Head

Bill Berghoff

Science Teacher

Ken Choo

Science Teacher and Asian Student Alliance Advisor

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