Williston Scholars Present Their Projects, Performances To Wrap Up Year


This year’s group of Williston Scholars presented their projects and performances during a pair of showcases to wrap up the year. On May 18, there was a showcase held in the Reed Campus Center as scholars discussed and showed off their projects to the public, while on May 24, the Performing Artists held a performance show for the public in the Williston Theater.

The 2022-23 group of Scholars numbered 47, and there were 52 projects created across seven subjects.

The Scholars and their projects are as follows:


Teagan Duffy — Crease
Zah Ewen — Muma
Andie Kinstle — Gilding the Lily
Chance Thorne-Begland — Drowning
Jack Williamson — Crash


Ben Carlan — The War on Drugs and How it Failed the Nation’s Most Vulnerable
Alexis Caines — The Janes: The Evolution of Politics and Abortion
Kaden Green — Are We Safer? The Airline Industry Post 9-11
Orion Minton — The Cost of Cheap Bananas: Death in Your Fruit Bowl
Hana Naughton — Lethal Women: Mariticide in Post-Renaissance Italy
Hannah Roche — French Impressionism’s Lasting Impression
Adam Shatz — When Jewish Boxers KO’d American Nazism
Tu Thieu — Doi Moi: Reform the Norms
Peter Wang — Williston’s First Chinese Students: Why the Chinese Government Disapproved
Lauren Yee — Is Free Will Necessary?


Emmanuel Damianakis — Preserving Languages and Cultures Through Oral History
Jenna Guglielmi — From Saludos Amigos to Encanto: Disney’s slow inclusion of Latinos in Film
Noah Kooistra — What Can we Learn About the Puerto Rican Struggle Through its Music?
Jefu Lee — Don Quixote, but with a Modern Twist
Hana Naughton — A Study of German Words that Lack a Direct English Equivalent


Jordan Attys — Emotion Detection with AI
JunSeok Hwang — Dissecting and Reconstructing Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Mason Mish — A True Virtual Tour
Daniel Zhang — Connect Four AI with Reinforcement Learning

Performing Arts

Will Chalfant — Empty Rooms, Broken Frames, and Other People’s Stuff
David Fetterman — Hit The Road Jack: Stringing Together a Rousing Performance
Stella Gordon — StandWithUs
Tianyu Mai — Death and Turmoil: An Exploration of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in a minor, mvmt. 2
Connor Queenin — Music Inspired by Jazz Elements
Soleil Richardson — THE BLUEPRINT
Nick Sobon — Piece by Piece: A Journey Through Childhood
Lauren Yee — Longing for Home: Exploring Classic Erhu Melodies through Saxophone


Avery Brooks — Prosthetics and Targeted Muscle Reinnervation
Connor Capshaw — Sports and Home Field Advantage
Charlotte Carr — The Significance of Psychopathy as a Mental Disorder and the Golden State Killer
David Fetterman — Self-Repairing Concrete and the Infrastructure of our Society
Max Graff — Sleep and Practical Applications
Izzy Ireland — Dreams and Memory
Atticus Rudof — Exercise, Diet, and Weight Gain
Catie Spence — Vitamin C and Cancer Treatment
Pierceson Squires — Growing Organs and Transplants
Cici Yu — Type 2 Diabetes and Methionine Restriction

Visual Arts

Dire Adeosun — Exploring Glaze and Textures in Vase Forms
Pippa Berry — Visual Oeuvre
Charlotte Carr — Aliens on Earth (oil paintings)
Aaron Chittilappilly — Lamb to the Slaughter
Max Fujimori — Portraits and Pattern
Cam Gillis — Shot on iPhone
Hana Naughton — Perfect Strangerish
Siga Pouye — Rooted in Clay: Exploring the Concept of Home Through Ceramics
Jack Williamson — Sunday Night Dinner(ware)
Sam Yunes — Type One Diabetes Unearthed