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Williston’s CORE Life and Leadership Program is a scaffolded, four-year life and leadership curriculum that engages students with relevant, developmentally-appropriate learning about yourself and others. Focusing on unique themes for each class each year, you’ll learn skills that build organization, self-awareness, character, decision-making, responsibility, and leadership through class assemblies, discussions in advisories, dedicated classroom sessions, and all-school discussions.

Number of student leaders serving as proctors this year

Ninth Grade: Be Curious

The ninth-grade theme is understanding yourself as a person, student, and teen, as well as developing strong skills for life and learning.

Tenth Grade:
Look Outward

In tenth grade, we focus on helping students understand their identity in the context of their community and world, as well as learning to make smart decisions as they gain more independence and responsibility.

Eleventh Grade:
Embrace Responsibility

In eleventh grade, students work on finding their voice and taking ownership of their future with the college process and other leadership roles.

Twelfth Grade:
Seek Excellence

In senior year, the focus is on being a leader in the community and develop the legacy students leave behind and take into the world with them.

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