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Williston’s Student Life Program is a scaffolded, four-year life and leadership curriculum that engages students with relevant, developmentally appropriate learning about themselves and others. Focusing on unique themes for each class each year, students learn skills that build self-awareness, character, decision-making, organization, responsibility, and leadership —what we call our CORE curriculum—through class assemblies, discussions in advisories, dedicated classroom sessions, and all-school discussions. As a cornerstone of the student experience, this program seeks to help all our students live healthier lives that are filled with purpose, passion and integrity.  

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Ninth Grade: Be Curious

Develop a deeper understanding of who you are as a person, student, and adolescent.

The CORE curriculum for ninth graders introduces all students to the four-year program at Williston. The curriculum supports students’ academic work through workshops, regular meetings, and communication among teachers, advisors, and the program’s coordinators. The Ninth Grade Class Deans also serve as liaisons to families of class members.  

During the first trimester, ninth grade students attend a weekly class that continues the CORE training by offering strategies for managing stress, embracing identity, creating healthy relationships, and getting enough sleep, among other topics.  

Throughout the year, the CORE Program advising team and ninth grade teachers meet monthly to work on strategies to help those students who need additional support. The program coordinators work with a student’s advisors, teachers, and the Academic Dean to support those students and help them improve their academic work, in order to encourage them to achieve their potential.  

Tenth Grade: Look Outward

Consider your identity in the context of your community and world and learn how to make smart decisions and form healthy relationships. 

The CORE curriculum for tenth graders continues our four-year student life program by encouraging students to think about their identity and create healthy relationships. This work is supported by the Tenth Grade Class Deans and the CORE teachers.    

During the second trimester, tenth grade students attend a weekly class that focuses on healthy relationships and sexuality education. The goal of this course is to equip students with up-to-date information and strategies so that they can support themselves and others.  

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Eleventh Grade: Embrace Responsibility

Find your voice, develop leadership skills, and begin to take ownership of your future with the college process.

The CORE curriculum for eleventh graders presents a clear shift from focusing on being our best selves in the present to looking toward future decisions. Programming and curriculum encourage students to think both about how they can best serve their community and what type of community will best serve them.    

During the second trimester, eleventh grade students attend a weekly class that is co-taught by the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Office and the College Advising Office. In this unique hybrid curriculum, students learn to look introspectively at their identities, passions and interests and how those qualities influence their Williston experience. Students will then take what they have learned to responsibly embrace the college search process and seamlessly transition to be multifaceted seniors on campus. 

Twelfth Grade: Engage and Lead

Be leaders in the community and actively develop the legacy you will establish at Williston and take with you into the world.

The CORE curriculum for twelfth grade is designed and instituted each year by the class deans, senior administration and the College Advising Office. Programming is carried out during specific workshop days throughout the year and during class assemblies. The goal of each of these programs is to promote leadership on campus and prepare students for life beyond Williston.  

Williston is currently designing a new Senior Seminar to be launched in Spring 2025.

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