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"At Williston, I was encouraged and mentored by my teachers, coaches, friends, teammates, and classmates, and the result was amazing." CONNOR MURRAY '16


"One of the most important things I have learned as a student at Williston is to never be afraid to try new things." NATALIE AQUADRO '17


Connor Murray '16 explored football players’ repeated head trauma. Read more.

Abbie Foster '16 reviewed the origins of modern advertising, showcasing campaigns that employed insights from the emerging field of psychology, noting ads have been both a reflection of societal change and a catalyst for it. Read more.

Jaylen Coaxum '18 produced an EP of four original electronic songs, accompanied by a vocalist. He had never collaborated with another artist and this taught him how to get what he wanted—and how to compromise. Read more.

Through an examination of the history of the Shining Path terrorist organization formed in Peru in the 1970s and 80s, Gaby Small '16 explored how societal and cultural issues can lead to the radicalization of young people. Read more.

Derrick Zhao '18 investigated the purpose of art, asking classmates their opinions and gathering their answers and portraits, from which he made graphic stickers, in a homemade book. His conclusion: “Maybe art is about impact.” Read more.

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