How our community cares for the environment is an important part of the Williston way of life. The school has implemented numerous energy-conscious and waste reducing measures, including fluorescent lighting along the campus walkways, geothermal heating in new buildings, solar panels for renewable energy on building roofs, compost bins in the dining hall, and paper recycling around campus.

Taking Action

Over the years, the school has taken numerous actions that promote positive environmental stewardship:

  • Composting program in Birch Dining Commons
  • Energy saver appliances in dormitories and faculty residences
  • Geo-thermal systems for heating and cooling for three dormitories on the Residential Quad
  • A school garden
  • LED outdoor lighting on campus
  • Natural gas for heating systems on campus
  • A single stream recycling program
  • Solar power installations at the Athletic Center and Lossone Hockey Rink
  • 29 Elkay EZH2O stations to eliminate the waste of plastic water bottles
  • LED lighting in the gymnasium, Babcock Pool, Lossone Rink and the Reed Campus Center
  • A reusable plastic water bottle for every Williston community member
  • “Trayless” meals at Birch Dining Commons
  • Waterless urinals in many male rest rooms
  • High speed hand dryers in many bathrooms
  • Local produce and other products in the dining commons

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