The Williston Northampton School
inspires students to live with
purpose, passion, and integrity.

Our Values

Academic Excellence

Williston recognizes that academic excellence is an essential component of a valuable boarding school experience. We promote excellence and achievement in and out of the classroom by encouraging our community of learners to accept and engage in intellectual challenge. We set the highest standards for teaching, learning, creativity, and scholarship within and across disciplines.


Williston values individual growth and expression as a way to create an authentic, diverse, and dynamic community. We expect students and faculty to develop, share, and pursue their unique passions and interests. Williston supports personal development and self-discovery by promoting meaningful participation in a wide array of academic, artistic, community service, and athletic programs.


Williston believes responsibility begins with personal integrity and self-respect and extends to our relationships with others. We work to instill qualities such as fairness, honesty, empathy, and generosity of spirit in our students and faculty in order to develop their leadership and to make meaningful contributions within and beyond our school boundaries.


Williston cultivates strong relationships on many levels, student-to-student, student-to-teacher, and teacher-to-teacher, leveraging the boarding school model to create a vibrant and genuine experience for students. We are proud of our unassuming community that encourages engagement and service, embraces diversity of thought, and promotes strong stewardship of the rights and responsibilities of the school.


Williston views collaboration as an essential skill that is both relevant and necessary for today’s world. By developing students’ ability to collaborate with each other, with teachers, and with the greater community, Williston helps them gain a broader and more applicable context for learning. We actively seek out partnerships in our community, including the outstanding colleges and universities surrounding our campus, to augment our school environment.

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