Williston Film Festival

The annual Williston Northampton School Film Festival showcases the work of student filmmakers from Williston and high schools across New England. If you’re film-school-bound, you’ll find classes that deliver a solid foundation of film technique and history—and supportive environment so you can try out your ideas and run with what works.

Williston Film Festival 2022 Winners

Thanks to all who participated! Here are the winners of the 2022 Williston Film Festival:

Best Picture
Bento love
Elisa Taylor Sacred heart

Best Documentary
Talking Murals
Joshua Alatriste
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Best PSA
Jhonni Dixon and Advika Dushyanth
Sacred Heart

Best Cinematography
First National
Nevin Conroy, Luke Richardson, Ronan Robinson
Williston Northampton

Best Screenplay
The Deep End
Luke Richardson
Williston Northampton

Best Editing
Carter Cleary
BBall (WNS vs. WMA)
Williston Northampton

Most Creative
Les Dangers des Commerages
Zoe Jane McClelland

Best Williston Film
The Missing Egg
Owen Fu

Audience Choice
Walter Solzak
Williston Northampton

Watch all the Film Festival 2022 winners in the playlist below:


  • Past Film Festival Winners

    Williston Film Festival 12 Winners (2019)

    • Best Picture: Figment – Isabella Stewart – Sacred Heart
    • Best Editing: Unfortunate Tale of a School Girl – Brian Bowman /Madison Hackett – Milton Academy
    • Best Screenplay: Just Relax – Lorraine Rinaldi/ Roxanne Kassapidis – Scared Heart
    • Best Documentary: The Gatekeeper – Daniella Tocco – Sacred Heart
    • Most Creative: Special Day – Elisa Taylor – Sacred Heart
    • Best Music Video: Snowman – Kira Bixby – Williston Northampton
    • Best PSA: Deadzone – Sophia Georgas – Sacred Heart
    • Best Cinematography: Yo-Yo – Scarlett Wang – Miss Hall’s
    • Best Williston Film: Coffin – Kira Bixby – Williston Northampton
    • Audience Choice: Isolation – Minh Le – Williston Northampton

    Williston Film Festival 11 Winners (2018)

    • Best Picture: For Sale, DJ Charles, Concord Academy
    • Best Editing: Quinn Meyerson and Hank Parker, Concord Academy
    • Best Screenplay: Bullet, Kira Bixby, Williston Northampton
    • Best Documentary: How Are the Boys Going to Learn Algebra? Erin Hanlon,Governor’s Academy
    • Most Creative: Gone, Xin Wang, Miss Hall’s School
    • Best Music Video: Jared, Mason Chiuli, Northampton High School
    • Best PSA: Mental Health, Minh Le, Williston Northampton
    • Best Cinematography: Catalyst, Charlie Tilney-Volk, Suffield Academy
    • Best Williston Film: Bullet, Kira Bixby

    Williston Film Festival 10 Award Winners (2017)

    • Thirty Films made the final selection for screening from nearly sixty entries. Award winners were selected by judges Alex Hacker ( Olive Productions), Bob Savage (Henchman Productions), and Jared Skolnick (Skolnick Films)
    • Best Picture-Letting Beatrice Go, Elle Rinaldi, Choate
    • Best Documentary-Lucien Avery: Vermont Blacksmith, Matthew Dailey Randy Putvain Jacob Edgerly, Isaiah Gaskell; Green Mountain Technology and Career Center
    • Best Screenplay- Foundations, Owen King Williston Northampton
    • Best Williston Film- Suitcase, Sitai Chen
    • Best Cinematography- Silent Suicide, Isaiah Gaskell Green Mountain Technology and Career Center
    • Best PSA- Save the Reefs, Christina DeConcini Sacred Heart
    • Best Music Video- Wildcard, Sophia Georgas, Sacred Heart
    • Most Creative- Lexi Paulin, Easthampton High School
    • Best Editing- Abstraction, Conor Greene, George Lou, & Joey Leung Milton Academy

    2016 WINNERS

    • Best Motion Picture: Flick, Brianna Zuniga, Walnut Hill School
    • Best Editing: Half Full, Trailer Luke Pinkham, Northampton High School
    • Best Screenplay: Frankpa, Georgina Cahill, Sacred Heart Greenwich
    • Best Documentary: Chasing Sharks, Jessie Swindel, Governor’s Academy
    • Most Creative: Reach for Me (Thisbedottie), Lexi Paulin , Easthampton High School
    • Best Music Video: Lucy Singleton Northampton High School
    • Best PSA: Sexual Assault PSA, Jada Goodrich, Williston Northampton School
    • Best Cinematography: Sketch, Carter Kratkiewicz, Concord Academy
    • Best Williston Film: Toxic, Verdi Degby, Williston Northampton School

    2015 WINNERS

    • Best Motion Picture: “The Frog Whisperer,” Will Harrington, Concord Academy
    • Best Editing: “De Dans en Dehors,” Jacob Bridgman, Northampton High School
    • Best Screenplay: “Bad Habits,” Karen Morey, Walnut Hill School
    • Best Cinematography: “Rembihnutur,” Mikaela Dillon, Walnut Hill School
    • Best Animated Feature: “War is Hell,” Forrester Menson, Northampton High School
    • Best Documentary: “Couture for a Cause,” Helen Luo, Dana Hall School
    • Best Music Video: “Emitime,” Oliver Holblitzelle, Vermont Academy
    • Best PSA: “Bike Helmet Safety,” Risa Tapanes, Williston Northampton
    • Most Creative: “Experimental,” Jen Carellas, Williston Northampton
    • Best Williston Film: “Ford Hall Syfu-r,”John Kay, Williston Northampton

    2014 WINNERS

    • Best Picture: Jackpot, by Jordan Tse, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Documentary: A to B, The Art of Parkour, by Ben Glass, Concord Academy
    • Best Screenplay: The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Had To Do, by Oliver Demers / Ben Sarat, Williston Northampton
    • Best Editing: Oreos, by Alex Kozikowski, Williston Northampton
    • Best Cinematography: The Dancer, by William Huang, Williston Northampton
    • Best Animation: Snow White, by Mia Abel, Walnut Hill Best
    • Music Video: Music Video, by Mariya Kurguzkina, Walnut Hill
    • Best PSA: Smoking Gun, by Dylan Kenseth, Williston Northampton
    • Most Creative: Apple, by Queenie Zhang, Walnut Hill
    • Honorable Mention: The Leaf Sweeper, by Tom Greto, PVPA

    2013 WINNERS

    • Best Motion Picture: Kaleidoscope, Vivian Xiao, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Documentary: Indomitable, Brian Ryu, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Music Video: Tempus, Charles Frank, Williston Northampton
    • Best Animation: Laundry Rider, Tom Greto, PVPA
    • Best Screenplay: The Guilt, Jilly Lim, Williston Northampton Best
    • Cinematography: The Factory, Harry C.Manning Weston High School
    • Best Editing: Dynamic, Anthony Leung, Williston Northampton
    • Honorable Mention: Larry & Rick, Tom Greto, PVPA

    2012 WINNERS

    • Best Film: Breezeless, Charles Frank, The Williston Northampton School
    • Most Creative: Elise’s Dream, Nicholas Motyka, West Springfield High School
    • Best Documentary: The Harry Potter Phenomenon, Eva Araya, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Editing: Dreamer, Daisuke Hosokawa, The Governor’s Academy
    • Best Screenplay: A Zombie Romance, Brian Ryu, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Special Effects: Special Effects: The Movie, Cade Zawacki, The Williston Northampton School
    • Best Cinematography: Mark Spaulding, Alex Kozikowski, The Williston Northampton School

    2011 WINNERS

    • Best Picture: Elevate, Charles Frank, The Williston Northampton School
    • Best Documentary: JP Artist Profile, Tucker MacDonald, Pomfret School
    • Best Animated: Film What Happened to the KO Hyphen?, Justin Bram, Kingswood Oxford School
    • Honorable Mention: Alone, Lauren Grainger and Dylan Zamacona, Hotchkiss Academy
    • Best Cinematography: Walking, John Rawlins, Pingree School
    • Best Screenplay: Anstoss, Jack Benham, Lewis Xie, Will Rhodes, Stefan Guenther, Berkshire School
    • Best Editing: The Morning Beat, Jameson Everett, Suffield Academy
    • Most Creative: Earliest Memory, Alex Hacker, The Williston Northampton School

    2010 WINNERS

    • Honorable Mention: Audition, Alex Hacker, The Williston Northampton School
    • Most Creative: Oriental Woman, Jihyo Kim , The Walnut Hill School
    • Best Special Effects: Childhood, Catherine Fraser, The Walnut Hill School
    • Best Editing: Sucker Serve, Ben Smith, Alexandra Thornton, Stephen Langer, Dillon O’Connor, Chester Houwink, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Screenplay: Dark Green, Izzy Kornblatt, The Loomis Chaffee School
    • Best Cinematography: TAG, Zachary Charren -Diehl, Charles Frank, The Williston Northampton School
    • Best Animated Film: Sketchbook, Soo Hyo Kim, The Walnut Hill School
    • Best Documentary: Overload of Manure, Chester Houwink, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Picture: Tightrope, Yoshi Makishima, Milton Academy

    2009 WINNERS

    • Honorable Mention: Dead Enough, Izzy Kornblatt, The Williston Northampton School
    • Best Picture: Democracy Outside the Voting Booth, Ricki Reisner, Carla Frankenbach, The Hotchkiss School
    • Best Edited: The Snow Ball, Harvey Burrell, Tripp Clemens, Concord Academy
    • Best PSA: Use It Wisely, Jordan Strafer, The Williston Northampton School
    • Most Creative: The Warning, Kyle Zesiger, The Williston Northampton School

    2008 WINNERS

    • Honorable Mention: Stickers, Lizzy Steiner, Berkshire School
    • Most Creative: Hallway Racing, Theo Pravitz-Rosen, Zak Kennedy, Ally Kellogg, Jeff Powers, & Angus Fisher, Northampton High School
    • Best Edited: Made In Peril, Rafael Cortina, The Williston Northampton School
    • Best Film: Lamb to Slaughter, Harvey Burell, Concord Academy

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