Hall of Fame 2017

Stephen White '77

While Coach White was a team captain and defensive MVP in football and a very successful attackman in lacrosse, his passion for sports was most evident on the wrestling mat. He was the captain of the varsity wrestling team during both his junior and senior year, as well as a standout competitor amongst the best in New England during his era. Wrestling at 115 pounds as a junior, Coach White was undefeated at 13-0 earning state and New England championships and placing 3rd at the National Independent School Championship.

As a senior, he moved up to the 130 pound class and repeated his junior year success by going undefeated again, winning state and New England titles again and being named an All-American for the second consecutive year. In four years on the wrestling mat, he only lost a total of four matches. After graduation, he continued his college wrestling career at Wesleyan University where he wrestled for Coach John Biddiscombe, father of our own Mrs. McKillop.

In 2007, Coach White returned to Williston Northampton where he has served as an assistant varsity coach to the wrestling team for the past 10 years, with notable successes. Head Coach Matt KaneLong says this about his contribution to the program, “Coach White comes to each practice and competition and inspires each wrestler to be the very best version of himself. In doing so he makes every wrestler work a little harder, improve a little more, and love our great sport a little more. I can truly say that each and every time I interact with him he inspires me to be a better coach and a better man. He does it all humbly and without any need for thanks or attention. It is what people of the highest character do.”

In addition to his playing and coaching success, it is worth noting that Coach White has also served his country with distinction—six years in the US Marine Corps, rose to the rank of colonel in US Army reserve, and served 9 months in Bosnia and two years in both Iraq and Afghanistan.