Honoring Ann Pickrell
and Greg Tuleja

This June, after 79 years of combined service to Williston, Ann Pickrell will retire as Assistant Head of School, and Greg Tuleja as Academic Dean. Together, they have served as advisors, coaches, dorm parents, ambassadors, and mentors, and have committed their lives to the mission of the school. On this page, you’ll find ways to celebrate their contributions; share your stories, join us for an event on campus, and make a gift in Ann or Greg’s honor.

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Contribute a Story

Share a memory about Ann Pickrell or Greg Tuleja in the box on the left. Simply click the pink plus sign at the bottom right of the box to contribute a story or even a photo.


Please consider celebrating Ann and Greg’s retirement by making a gift to the Williston Northampton Fund in their honor. They will be individually notified that a gift has been made in their honor; the amount will not be shared, but your message will. Thank you!