Hall of Fame 2023

William J. Lossone (1967)

An exalted member of the Williston Academy community, Bill Lossone wasn’t just another face in the crowd at Williston—he helped define the young men who graduated from the school. Lossone, for whom the hockey rink is named, spent over four decades imparting his wisdom to young men across campus. Born in Boston in 1899, Lossone was a Massachusetts lifer—graduating from Boston University before receiving a master’s in education at Harvard. He arrived at Williston Academy in 1923, where he eventually led the school’s hockey program and Latin department. As a coach, Lossone’s hockey teams went 63-68 in his career. He started as an assistant to Williston Academy legend Archibald Galbraith, eventually serving as the head coach through the 1951 season. Following his stint as head coach, he continued to coach in the program serving as both an assistant and lower level coach until the late 1960s. Typical for a team that called an outdoor pond its home, Lossone’s coaching career had years where the team played more than 10 games and others, like in 1949, when they only played two! Outside of Williston, Lossone held a number of leadership positions, including serving as the President of the Southern New England Hockey Association, and as a member of numerous other boards, committees, and commissions. The school further honored Lossone in the 1968-69 acadmic year, when Master’s Rink was renamed William J. Lossone Rink.

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