JunSeok “June” Hwang

Reestablishing the Diffie–Hellman Algorithm 

The Scholar: JunSeok “June” Hwang

The Project: Reestablishing the Diffie–Hellman Algorithm

The Essential Question: “The only reason I pursued it is because I learned about it during a computer science class last year, and I thought it was kind of interesting to continue learning by researching on my own, and I thought that there is still room for improvement, so that’s why I chose it. I basically coded and found the weak part of this, and try to code it by my own and fix the problems with a newer version–but it didn’t go well.”

Surprising Discovery: “Not really, but for my experience, I picked computer science because I thought it was more about coding, but it was more about pure mathematics. I was a little surprised by that.”

Biggest Challenge: “Mine was basically research-based project, which requires a lot of paper writing instead of making a website or making a program, so it was kind of easy for me to bring all the content I had and just reorganize, basically, what I had and what I learned into one paper.”

Tip for Future Scholars: “I feel like they need a very specific goal at the beginning instead of finding and pursuing whatever they want. Instead of having a broader subject they want to pursue, they need a specific goal to achieve, and they have to pursue it at the beginning instead of saying ‘I’ll figure it out later.’”