Founders' Award 2018

Lew Rabinovitz ’53

The Founders’ Award was created by the merger of the Whitaker-Bement Award and the Samuel and Emily Williston Award, and honors the founders and principles of The Northampton School for Girls and Williston Academy. It is awarded to an alumnus or alumna whose loyalty, devotion, and service to The Williston Northampton School has been outstanding.

It is my great honor to present this award to Lewis Rabinovitz, class of 1953. Back when he was a student, Lew was a cheerleader for the football and soccer teams, and he has never stopped being an enthusiastic supporter of the school.

Lew came to Williston Academy from West Hartford in 1949. In his yearbook, he’s described as a “top-notch student” who was “never off honours in his four years at Williston.” In addition to his academic pursuits, Lew was a news editor for The Willistonian, secretary of Student Council, a member of the Glee Club and Science Club, Chairman of his Graduation Committee, and manager of the Varsity Basketball team.

In the 65 years since his graduation, Lew’s commitment to Williston has never wavered. He has donated to the Williston Northampton Fund every single year since graduation and is a past Alumni Council member, and joined the Board of Trustees in 2008.

It is with great pleasure I present the Founders Award to Lew Rabinovitz ’53, in recognition of his tireless service to the School, generous philanthropic commitment, and enduring loyalty to Williston Northampton.