Founders' Award 2017

Henry Zachs ’52

The Founders’ Award was created by the merger of the Whitaker-Bement Award and the Samuel and Emily Williston Award, and honors the founders and principles of The Northampton School for Girls and Williston Academy. It is awarded to an alumnus or alumna whose loyalty, devotion, and service to The Williston Northampton School has been outstanding.

It is my great honor to present this award to Henry Zachs, class of 1952. Henry’s encyclopedic knowledge of his class, his deep connection to his classmates, tireless service to the School, and generous philanthropic commitment demonstrates his love for his school and those who help carry forward its mission. Henry has been a class agent, a reunion volunteer, and a caller for the Williston Northampton Fund. He is a former trustee, a member of the silver cup society, has endowed the Zachs’ Faculty Chairs, has been honored for his investment in the campus with the Zachs Admission Center, and is a longstanding consecutive donor to the Williston Northampton Fund. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 2002 in honor of his 50th Reunion. It is my honor to present the Founders Award to Henry Zachs ’52, in recognition of his enduring loyalty and service to Williston Northampton.

Founders Award presented by Head of School Robert W. Hill III to Henry Zachs ’52.