Keyu Lu

Feminism and Morality in Film

The Scholar: Keyu Lu

The Project: Feminism and Morality in Film

What I Studied: I explored the films of Godard and Lang to determine whether their portrayal of women betrayed feminism or sexism. My conclusion, in part: “The fact that Godard or Lang are either feminist or sexist does not matter. It is true that feminism matters in society. However, whether a piece of work in cinema is a controversial time period with the social context of the first and the second wave of the feminist movements is viewed as a work with high moral value that supports feminism does not matter as much because such controversial work will inspire the viewers each way due to the paradoxical nature of interpretation of the idea in art.”

Favorite Quote I Encountered During My Research: “Audiences trust me now. I hope I disappoint them, so they don’t trust me anymore.” — Jean Luc Godard