girl with glasses in dorm room sitting on bed in front of wall hanging

Your Packing Guide: What to Bring to Williston


Congratulations on becoming a Wildcat! We can’t wait to see you when school opens! This summer, when you’re thinking about what to pack, you can use this guide so you know exactly what you can bring to campus, and what’s best to leave at home (your pet fish, for example).

Whether you’re in Emily McFadon Vincent House, John Hazen White House, Ford Hall, or Mem East or West, your dorm room will already have a bed, bureau, desk and straight chair, and mirror. You are allowed to bring a desk chair, if you like. We’d love for you to express your personality through how you decorate your room, from minimalist to bohemian. And when it comes to packing up, here’s the list of what you may bring for your dorm room:

  • comfy blankets
  • your favorite pillow
  • sheets (twin XL size) and pillowcases
  • a mattress pad or cover
  • towels
  • a laundry bag (and detergent if you’re doing your own laundry; laundry service is available through E&R, The Campus Laundry, at
  • clothes/outerwear for the season ahead
  • your toiletries
  • a study lamp
  • an alarm clock (with battery back-up)
  • a dorm-sized refrigerator, 2.0 cubic feet or smaller
  • a small, personalized wastebasket (Note: we provide a small trash and recycling container in each room, so your own basket is optional)
  • clothes hangers
  • a cell phone and charger

And here’s what to leave at home (because they’re a safety risk and we want you to be safe):

  • televisions
  • space heaters
  • electric blankets
  • halogen lamps
  • furniture that’s not fire retardant
  • battery-powered hoverboards and drones
  • Any cooking/heating appliance (toasters, coffee makers, etc.)

You can bring wall decorations (hung with DormTape or Mounting Putty, both of which are for sale at the Campus Store). Many students bring flip-flops, a shampoo caddy, and a bathrobe for the walk to and from the shower. Feel free to bring a clock, radio, stereo, personal computer/tablet, hair dryer, razor, hair straightener, dorm fridge (small square), and a fan (box fans are provided in any dorms without central air conditioning). Computer monitors are limited in size to 32 inches. There are plenty of televisions located in common spaces of dorms, so no need to bring yours. You can bring circuit breaker-protected power strips, but that’s the only “extension cord” allowed. Finally, you may bring an electric kettle, but it needs to be used in the dorm kitchen for safety reasons. Most dorms already have one for community use.

And bring headphones if you like music. We require students to use them during quiet and study hours—which we know you will appreciate when you’re trying to get your work done.

Got it? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us. We want your room to be your sanctuary!