Willistonian Takes First Place in Contest


The good news keeps coming for The Willistonian, the country’s oldest continuously published student newspaper! The paper’s advisor, Matthew Liebowitz, reports that it won first place in the American Scholastic Association’s annual contest, in the “Senior High Schools 500 or fewer students category.”

“It’s a big honor,” Liebowitz said, “and a well-deserved one for all the students who took journalism and contributed to the paper this year.”

Editor-in-Chief Erin Chai, who just graduated, is headed to the University of Michigan, and plans to write for the Michigan Daily. “I’m so proud of all the staff members because I know that they worked really hard,” she said. “We were a small group to begin with, especially in Trimester One, but we ended up making it work and gave our best effort. I’m also really happy to see my hard work pay off, and I’m really glad that I left the Willistonian in a good place.”

The paper’s student staff for the 2020-21 school year were:

Erin Chai ’21
Praghya Raja ’22
Melody Pan ’22
Anna Richardson ’21
Matt Thompson ’22
Rosie Crooker ’22
Sarah Drucker ’22
Devon Morgan ’21
Brodie Fazio ’21
Zac Gmerek ’21
Sara Johnson ’21
David Costello ’21
Kenshin Kadoya ’21
Dominic Liu ’21
JiHee Liu ’21
Leila Minkara ’21
Emily O’Brien ’21
Quinn Pollack ’24