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Williston Scholars Explore Worlds Across Disciplines


The Williston Scholars program is a college-model course that introduces students to the rigors of directed independent study. The class concludes with a presentation of original research conducted by the student over the course of the trimester. During the fall of 2021, 26 students participated in the program, in four subject areas: history, language, math, and science. This playlist links to all 26 final presentations. Student work is also listed below by subject.


Grace Bean ’22
A Progression of Zionism and Why It Is in Need of Preservation

Edward Bergham ’22
Witchy Business: Protest elements within pre-Christian, Pre-Industrial, and Neo-Pagan Witchcraft

Jakob Frates ’22
Aptitude is Not a Commodity: The Effects of Economic Disparity on Standardized Testing

Connor Hagness ’22
The Filibuster: The Rapid Rise Over The Last Decade and The Need to Reform This Political Turmoil

Anita Hua ’22
Thomas Jefferson and Slavery at Monticello: The Two Sides of a Coin

Benning Johnson ’22
EMS: Looking Under the Gloves

Sarah Markey ’22
The Power of Names: Uncovering the Agendas that Teach American Superiority

Tyler McMorrow ’22
Contradictions in the Haitian Revolution: An Exploration into the True Character of Toussaint Louverture

Melody Pan ’22
Vulnerability and Identity: Women Artists’ Response Towards the Collision of Second-Wave Feminism and the Vietnam War

Siga Pouye ’22
Revealing America’s Influence on Nazi Germany’s Race Criminalizing Laws

Amy Ren ’22
The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Low-Income Families in China


Lily Bruce ’22
The Seasons of Horace in Modern Day

Rosie Crooker ’22
Grimm Fairytales: the Original Endings and How the Stories are Told

Aaron Gonzalez ’22
Boarding Schools: A Favorite Destination for French-Speaking International Students

Vasu Jain ’22
Manners & Etiquette: A Representation of the Japanese Upbringing

Avi Kacker ’22
Learning Spanish Through TikTok

Francesca Polino ’22
Soccer ou Football: Analyzing Similarities and Differences Between French and English Soccer Commentary

Annika von Schoeler-Ames ’22
Hippolyta and the “Hero”: A Modern Retelling of Hercules’s Ninth Labor

Henry Wiemeyer ’22
Chironomia: A Demonstration of the Language of Hand Gestures


Jerry Landman ’22
The Effect of Foreign Substances on Baseballs

Kai Hori ’22
Homemade Flight Computer for a Model Rocket


Every Carroll ’22
A Meta-Study on the Neurobiological and Cognitive Psychological Effects of Poverty During Childhood

Frannie Cataldo ’22
A NEAT Way to Train a Neural Network

Teaghan Hall ’22
Sports Psychology and Mental Health

Tucker Motyka ’22
Pond Health: Pursuing Restoration and Sustenance of the Williston Pond Through Studies of Its Connected Aquatic Ecosystem

Kiko Xu ’23
Can Prefrontal Cortex Development Be Used To Determine Sentencing Standards in Cases of Juvenile Violent Crime?