Wildcats Encourage Incoming Students


New students, fear not! Thousands of Wildcats have walked this path before you and these 12 alumni offer the following encouragement as you look toward your first day at Williston.

“When I arrived at Williston, I was a shy student athlete and did not know if I was going to fit in. I was coming in as a passionate hockey player. When my family and I arrived on campus, we were helped by more than half the hockey team who unloaded my car and set up my dorm room. This was the moment when I truly realized Williston was the right place for me.”

Nick Schofield ’17

“Coming to a new School my sophomore year, I was incredibly nervous. However, that all changed from the moment that I stepped on campus. A pair of seniors helped my parents and I get all checked in and I was continually greeted by crowds of friendly faces all looking so happy to be back after a long summer break. One of the factors that attracted me to Williston was the sense of community, and I was glad to know that I had made the right choice.”

Sabrina Liew ’18

“After making my decision to attend Williston, I realized that I had surrounded myself with people who had the same goals as I did: to be something great. When I first attended Williston, I was a little nervous about whether I would fit in. I am from New York City, and Williston is quite different. After meeting new people, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and enrolling myself in different clubs, I was able to open up to Williston.”

Chris Espinal ’17

“On my first day, one of the things that stood out to me immediately was the enthusiasm and supportiveness that the teachers and students at Williston offered in every area, from academics to athletics to the arts. No matter where I looked, there were classmates and teachers willing to help me out and thrilled to introduce me to their interests.”

Jack Phelan ’18

“Williston, no matter whether you are a freshman or whether you are a senior with senioritis (a rather severe disease, I must say), takes care of you in every possible way, and helps you grow into a better scholar, athlete, friend, leader—a better person.”

Simon Kim ’19

“When I arrived at Williston, I did not know anyone in my grade. I was nervous to have to make brand new friends, and at the same time adjust to a new school. In the weeks leading up to Welcome Days, the captain of the cross-country team reached out to invite me to preseason practices. It was at those practices where I met my first friends. I think that is a perfect example of who we are at Williston. Everyone looks out for each other. Whether that means showing the underclassmen how to get to the athletic fields, or meeting with teachers for extra help late at night or early in the morning, people care.”

Ellie Scott ’18

“When I arrived here, I was a shy student who didn’t know if I was going to fit in. Williston’s freshmen orientation program helped me express myself so that I could make friends with the people around me. Of those people that I met in the first few days of freshmen orientation, I have become best friends with several of them. We grew close hanging out in my room every night and on weekends. I have found lifelong friends that are now a part of my family.”

Sebastian Herrera ’17

“I came to Williston as a 7th grader, full of the anxiety of not knowing my entire grade, angry at myself for clearly not setting my alarm early enough, and completely unaware of how my experiences here would shape me as a person—or my future. My first day, I already started to feel like Williston was the place for me. I became friends with people I consider family now.”

Molly Solan ’19

“When I arrived at Williston, I didn’t know anyone. Coming from Canada, I found myself in a new school, new community, but also an entirely new country. I had no clue how I was going to manage to fit in, being an international student. I was nervous and honestly terrified that I would have to make brand new friends, all while adjusting to a new school. However, within the very first hours of football preseason, I felt as though I belonged. Everyone was glad to be part of this community and were all welcoming. Being one of the many incoming students, I soon came to realize that everyone looks out for each other. Whether that meant sitting with someone new in the dining hall or just getting a friendly hello while walking by someone unknown to you, it was easy to see that people care.”

Xavier Thibault ’18

“The aspect that I love most about Williston is the community. From my first week here as a freshman, not only students, but also teachers, who I had barely met would say hi to me. I quickly learned that the adults on campus are not only my mentors and coaches, but also my close friends.”

Anabelle Farnham ’18

“I am very passionate and involved with the cross-country program at Williston and the relationships that it has created for me. When I first came to Williston, I was not at all a runner, but decided to join the cross-country team. The atmosphere of the team would light up my day. As I grew on the team, my passion for running developed, and I quickly found myself devoting more and more time to it. I was a captain this year on cross country and will be for track in the spring.”

Nicholas Hill ’17

“At Williston, everyone is rooting for you to succeed. Your teachers go beyond being just your teachers, but ultimately become your friends. Whether you need extra help on a topic you are covering in class, or have just had a long day, your teachers will always be there for you. We are so lucky to have such a close-knit campus, because almost all your teachers will be living on campus and be available to help you at almost any time of the day. One of the most valuable things that I have learned at Williston is to never be afraid to try new things. Everyone has a place at Williston, and that ‘place’ does not have to be just one thing and it can change as many times as you want it to. If you want to switch sports, your previous teammates may be sad but will encourage you and cheer you on. If you want to try singing, you can join any one of the four singing groups on campus. You will be appreciated and supported wherever you go, because football games and choral concerts are equally attended.”

Natalie Aquadro ’17