The Big Question

We asked students, “What is your favorite tradition or special weekend activity at Williston—and why?”

I love how the annual football homecoming game brings together our whole community. Whether you’re playing or cheering for your friends, there’s a great atmosphere. Because it takes place early in the fall, the homecoming game is a time when new students and older students can get to know one another and enjoy the school spirit and positive environment.
Will Sawyer ’22

I love the canoe race across the pond during Willy Gras, our annual spring festival. Two students per grade don life jackets and paddle their hearts out while the rest of the school lines the bridge and cheers. I love the competitive school spirit, and I have a good feeling the class of ’22 can clean up this spring.
Sarah Markey ’22

My favorite weekend activity is definitely broomball. During the pandemic, Williston had to be creative when coming up with weekend activities, and broomball was such a fun and successful activity. Hitting balls with brooms while stumbling around the ice was new, competitive, and funny to watch. Having a league and tournament made it even better as people really got into it. It was a creative and happy activity that people loved!
—Anna Jofre ’22

One of my favorite traditions at Williston, prepandemic, was Willy Gras. All the students gather on the Main Quad and there are so many fun activities to enjoy! There’s a bounce house, an obstacle course, a bubble pit, a water slide, food, drinks, and warm weather. Not to mention the tasty ice cream and treats! I look forward to it every spring at Williston, and am so glad it’s back again this spring.
Kennedy Dawson ’22

My favorite tradition is outdoor movies. During the pandemic, these were a great way to get everyone together and maintain social distancing. I will never forget walking up to the Residential Quad after a long day of athletics and seeing the ice cream truck, burger grills, and a giant movie screen. Everyone would bring out blankets and bundle up as the sun went down and the movie started playing. The ingenuity of this event shows that Williston will always come together, even when the going is tough.
—Annika Jensen ’23

My favorite weekend activity at Williston has been the volleyball tournament. This event really brought the whole campus together and allowed for some stress-free time with friends after a long week!
—Praghya Athavan Raja ’22

My favorite Williston tradition is ringing the bell after winning a game. On the water polo team, we run up right after home games, still in our swimsuits and crocs. It’s amazing to celebrate our individual accomplishments together with the whole team, and we clap as each person rings the bell. Every time I hear the bell from the dining hall or Reed, I know the Wildcats had a good day.
—Pippa Berry ’23

My favorite tradition during my time at Williston has been Willympics. It’s a great festival at the beginning of the year to get everyone excited for the year ahead. With events such as the banner decorating competition, lip sync battle, and mini game competition, it’s an event that draws in the whole school. It is a fun way to welcome new community members each fall and set a fun tone for the year.
—Rosie Crooker ’22

My favorite tradition is Grandparents and Special Friends Day. I love seeing my family and showing them what I have been learning on campus. It always makes campus seem livelier to have them around. I think it’s a great tradition that helps us show our grandparents we are thankful for everything they have done for us.
—Sophie Edmunds ’23

My favorite way to get to know people has been through Spikeball. Playing in competitive tournaments under the lights on Sawyer Field is an activity I will never forget. Even when you lose, the fun isn’t over because in the championship game, the losers stand in a circle rooting for their friends to win. The laughs I had and memories I made are things I am so happy I got to experience at Williston.
—Isabelle Ireland ’23