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Students Urge Earth Day Action


Williston Northampton School students are inviting classmates and faculty—and everyone else—to take a 21-Day Sustainability Challenge for Earth Day, coming up on April 22. The Sustainability Club and the Community Service Club have joined forces on this effort, noting, “We hope that we can use this month as a time to reflect on our past behaviors, consider ways to be more sustainable, and become better global citizens.”

The challenge asks participants to take one action every day for three weeks, culminating on Earth Day. Here are the actions:

Day 1: No plastic water bottles

Day 2: Stop water from running while brushing teeth

Day 3: No plastic straws

Day 4: Recycle the right thing

Day 5: Turn off the light if we are not using

Day 6: No plastic bags

Day 7: Shorter showers

Day 8: Double-sided printing

Day 9: Meat-free day

Day 10: Post/repost Earth Day blogs

Day 11: No single-use utensils

Day 12: Donate clothes and carpets

Day 13: Don’t throw away papers, recycle them

Day 14: Dairy-free day

Day 15: No food waste (check expiration dates of food, left-over food in the fridge, and don’t let them go bad, plan it out!)

Day 16: Use ecosia for searching

Day 17: Serve small portions at the first run or save the left-over for the next meal

Day 18: Watch a documentary on the environment

Day 19: Quick shower

Day 20: No take-out food

Day 21: Check the petition website Care 2 and sign up for environmental petitions

Kate Garrity, advisor for the Community Service Club, encouraged students to take up the challenge. “Not only will this be a nice distraction from the current climate/news,” she said, “the small challenges could lead to great habits that help the earth. Every little bit counts!”