Students Dedicate Yearbook to Erin Davey

The 2018 edition of The Log is titled “Words of the Wildcats.” Simply put it’s about giving a voice to our Williston community. It’s about speaking up, about listening, about appreciating what others are saying. So it seems fitting that we dedicate this book to a faculty member who devotes her life to giving people a voice. Erin Davy has worn many hats during her time at Williston: teacher, coach, dorm parent, club advisor, and mentor. But more important than her titles are her initiatives and her energetic presence on campus. With her signature can-do energetic attitude, Ms. Davey draws people into Cultural Identity Discussions, teaches faculty and students how to lead hard workshops during Why Not Speak Day, and encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone every day. Whether it’s planning an epic weekend activity, driving students to a local rally, or participating at the People of Color Conference, Ms. Davey serves as a role model and ally to us all.

As Ms. Noble writes, “Ms. Davey’s infectious enthusiasm, high energy, and tireless commitment to serve our students in so many varied ways is appreciated by all of us in the Williston community! Whether she’s filling in for the injured lead in the fall play, singing a solo in a choral concert, starting a new tradition in student activities, or expanding upon our inclusion initiatives, she models risk-taking and the growth mindset in her daily life. As a result, she ably challenges all of us to be our best selves each day! We’re so grateful that she is our Wildest Wildcat!”

Mr. Koritkoski adds, “It’s hard to put into words how important Erin is to the Williston community. For the faculty she is a consistent breath of fresh air and is relentlessly positive in her approach to her work. For the students, she is a reliable and thoughtful advocate who champions the many and varied causes across the campus. Every person on this campus knows Ms. Davey: she is inextricably linked to the Williston experience and we are a better place because of her influence. She is highly deserving of this honor.”

Ms. Davy, we want to thank you for being you and for making our experience at Williston so memorable and meaningful. We are excited to dedicate our addition of the log to you.

Editor’s note: This dedication appeared the the 2018 Log Yearbook.