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Language Students Earn Kudos


During Assembly on May 20, the Language Department acknowledged the outstanding performance of French and Latin students who distinguished themselves at the regional and national level in their respective national language exams.


students with certificates

Intro to Latin Exam (Latin I students):
Isabel Gargamelli ’25 – Gold, Summa Cum Laude
Charlotte Jin ’27 – Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
Meredith Cross ’27 – Magna Cum Laude
Lucy Hoyt ’25 – Cum Laude
Logan Cherewatti ’24 – Cum Laude
Evvie Paasch ’27 – Cum Laude

Beginning Latin Exam (Latin IB & Honors II):
Isabel Baxter-Paris ’25 – Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
Maddy McCarthy ’25 – Magna Cum Laude
Chris Zeng ’26 – Magna Cum Laude
Max Elkin ’25 – Cum Laude
Amber Fedor ’24 – Cum Laude

Intermediate Reading Comprehension (Honors Latin IV):
Jackson Estes ’24 – Gold, Summa Cum Laude
Hannah Roche ’23 – Gold, Summa Cum Laude
Daniel Ciejek ’23 – Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
Elsa Frankel ’23 – Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
Peter Muyang Wang ’23 – Magna Cum Laude
Max Graff ’23 – Magna Cum Laude
Zach Walker ’22 – Magna Cum Laude
Maeve Reynolds ’22 – Cum Laude
Zac Landon ’22 – Cum Laude
Coraly Siegel ’23 – Cum Laude

Kudos, Latin speakers!



Williston students with certificates

In 2022, over 42,000 students nationwide participated in Le Grand Concours the National French Contest. Our middle school award winners will be recognized in a separate assembly.

LEVEL 1A  (French 1)
“Certifcat d’honneur” winners:
Placing 22nd, Mina Sugiyama ’25 and Kiran Misra ’25
Placing 19th, Manuel Gonzalez Hudson ’23
Placing 18th, Emiliano Sanchez ’23 and Paul Wang ’25
Placing 15th, Herrick Stevenson ’25 and Sofia Arriaga Balsa ’25

LEVEL 2A (French II Honors)
“Certifcat d’honneur” winners:
Placing 21st, Gianluca Lanzilla ’23 and Jose Paiz ’22
Placing 20th, Caledonia McKeon ’24
Placing 19th, Dionysus (Sako) Lively ’25
Placing 12th, Jeremy Dube ’24

Earning Bronze medals, placing 12th, Alyssa Matricciani ’25 and Crystal Tan ’24

LEVEL 3A (French III Honors)
“Certifcat d’honneur” winners:
Placing 22nd, Shirly Shi ’23, Lam Thieu ’22, and Angela Tsai ’22
Placing 18th, Siga Pouye ’23

LEVEL 4A (French V Honors)
“Certifcat d’honneur” winners:
Placing 18th in western Massachusetts and 21st in the nation, Anita Hua ’22 and Daniela Gonzalez-Nunez ’24 

Winning bronze medals:
Placing 13th in western Massachusetts and 16th in the nation, Ava Smith ’23 and Katherine Kang ’23
Placing 12th in western Massachusetts and 15th nationally, Durgin Shields ’24
Placing 11th in in western Massachusetts and 14th nationally, Jonah Berry Brown ’24 and Dominik Di Filippo ’23 

LEVEL 4C (French V Honors – native speaker)
Earning a Bronze, placing 4th in western Massachusetts and 7th nationally, Audree Edmunds ’25 

LEVEL 5AP  (AP French Language):
AP “Certifcat d’honneur” winners:
Placing 13th in western Massachusetts and 22nd nationally, Sofia Michalski ’22
Placing 11th in western Massachusetts and 20th in the nation, Lily McAmis ’22
Placing 10th in western Massachusetts and 19th in the nation, Ronan Robinson ’22 

LEVEL 5C  (AP French Language—native speakers):
Winning Bronze medals:
For 4th place in in western Massachusetts and 8th place in the nation, Emmanuel Damianakis ’23 
For 3rd place in western Massachusetts and 6th nationally, Felix-Antoine Bouchard ’23 

Félicitations! Congratulations prize winners!