Language Mavens Win Awards


At a recent assembly, the Language Department acknowledged the outstanding performance of Chinese, French, and Latin students who have distinguished themselves at the regional and national level.


Chinese IV and AP students were inducted into membership of the National Chinese Honor Society, a scholastic organization that promotes and recognizes students who demonstrate citizenship, leadership, and community service. Students are inducted into the Society after completing four years of Chinese.

Simon Kim ’19 was elected President and Caleb Stern ’19 Vice President.

The following students were inducted:

Honors Chinese 4

  • Ella Goodman ’19
  • Conrad Kang ’20
  • Luke Po ’20
  • Abby Seltzer ’20

AP Chinese

  • Karen Janocha ’19
  • Simon Kim ’19
  • Sabrina Liew ’18
  • Dominic Liu ’21
  • Caleb Stern ’19


In 2018, nearly 80,000 students nationwide participated in Le Grand Concours National French Contest. The following students placed at the national level and regional chapter level (Western Massachusetts and Vermont).

LEVEL 1A  (French I)

  • Noe Perry-Greene ’22, ninth place in our region
  • Sage Friedman ’22, seventh place in region
  • Sofia Michalski ’22, fourth place in region, eighth in nation

LEVEL 2A (Honors French II)

  • Zachary Demetriou ’21, 10th place in region
  • Abigail Schulkind ’21, 10th place in region
  • Valeria Alvarez del Castillo Romo ’21, eighth place in region

LEVEL 2C (Honors French II—native speaker)

  • Sophie Edmunds ’23, first place in region, fourth in nation

LEVEL 4A  (Honors French V):

  • Claire Harrison ’19, 10th place in region
  • Kira Bixby ’19, sixth place in region

LEVEL 5C (AP French Language—native speaker):

  • Thomas Thibault ’19, first place in region, second in nation
  • Xavier Thibault ’18, first place in region, second in nation


The following students earned awards for their exceptional performance on the 2018 National Latin Exam. More than 150,000 students from 50 states and 15 countries took this exam.

The following students earned a Certificate of Honorable Merit CUM LAUDE:

  • Gabriel Davila Bustamante ’21
  • Oscar DeFrancis ’20
  • Dora Gordon ’19
  • Jimin Lee ’20
  • Kenneth Wang ’20

The following students earned a Certificate of Honorable Merit MAGNA CUM LAUDE:

  • Ethan Agostoni ’20
  • Eric Albanese ’20
  • Julia Farnham ’20
  • Na Kyung Lee ’21

The following students earned a Certificate of Honorable Merit MAXIMA CUM LAUDE (a Silver Medal):

  • Jason Albanese ’20
  • DJ Poulin ’19

And, with outstanding performances on this year’s third and fifth level exams, the following students earned a  Certificate of Honorable Merit SUMMA CUM LAUDE (a Gold Medal):

  • Nat Markey ’20
  • Anabelle Farnham ’18