print of flowers

Grubbs Gallery Artist Reimagines Botanical Prints


Williston Northampton School welcomes artist Madge Evers to the Grubbs Gallery with her exhibit of botanical abstract prints, The New Herbarium.

The series reimagines the centuries-old process of collecting and preserving plants for science and art. “For traditional herbaria, botanical specimens are pressed and arranged on paper,” Evers states in her artist statement. “My technique departs from tradition when I place a foraged mushroom, gill-side down, on top of plants, which then serve as stencils. After the billions of spores contained in the gills or pores of the mushroom are released, they fall and mark the paper. Leaf and petal silhouettes are rendered in spores with organic patterns, photographic detail, and in varying textures.”

Evers’s work will be on display at the gallery through March 23, with an artist’s reception on February 26 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.