Girls Basketball Team Scores Big Win


The gym was filled with people wearing black to support the spirit of the girls basketball game against Hotchkiss on January 19.

The game started at 2:30 p.m. At first we weren’t expecting many people to come to the game because there was a snowstorm on its way and most of the games were cancelled that afternoon. Surprisingly, five minutes before the game started, the gym was filled with the spirit, clapping, and cheer of Williston students coming together to support their friends.

I have been to many basketball games before, but this one was the most spirited I have ever seen. Not only were students getting excited, but also some teachers were there to cheer for their students.

The game started with Williston getting the first three points. The scoring streak continued: after five minutes Williston was up 10-1.

The boys basketball team was also there to support their friends. Every time the girls got a free throw, the guys would do the “Wushi Finger Hold,” inspired from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Senior Walter Kissane came up with it during the game and everyone started to follow his lead. It is now a regular cheer to support Williston players during their free throw shots.  In addition, the guys also shouted “This is our house” every time the girls were on defense.

The Willistonian was able to talk to a few spectators of the game during half time.

Magnolia Armstrong ’19 shared that the experience was very fun for her because she usually has swim meets on Saturdays and normally can’t watch the girls’ games.

“The environment in the bench is super peppy and full of energy right now,” said Magnolia. “I have games on Saturday so I couldn’t watch other teams’ games, so I’m super happy to be here.”

Senior Tayah Sommer echoed Magnolia’s enjoyment: “The game is very interesting,” said Tayah. “Lots of Williston spirit here.”

Kassandra Orcutt ’19 also attended the game. She has been to many games, especially basketball, because she is the sports photographer of our school for this season. She shared her experience of how to take the best photo, a task that, during a fast-moving basketball game, is not easy.

“I have to be engaged in the game and follow wherever the ball is going because that is where the players go,” said Kassandra. “I have got to know the game and the strategy better as I continue on doing this job. The really good shot is when the crowd go[es] wild while the player is doing a free throw and that moment when the ball goes in. It makes me really happy whenever I get a photo like that.”

One of the spectator of the game was Natalie Romain ’18, a current freshman at Barnard College in New York City and former member of the girls basketball team. She was incredibly proud of the team’s performance in the game.

“The dynamic of the team has changed because they have to fill in the spots of all the seniors that left,” said Natalie. “I’m so happy to see a lot of people from last year stepping up and taking important positions, such as [senior] Emma Gentile and [sophomore] Jordyn Meunier.”

Natalie shared how much she misses the team.

“It’s super painful to watch a team you were playing on and [now] you [can’t] play with them,” said Natalie. “I just want to put on my uniform and jump on the court. I also have this nostalgic feeling because how much I miss the game, the people, and the feeling I got playing with them.”

The girls played a strong game, and ended up winning with a final score of 40-28. Sullivan shot 100% from the free throw line and netted 12 points. Meunier scored 10 points, and had a strong defensive performance. Freshman Cristina Negron rounded out the score with nine points.

At the end of the game, the whole gym was singing out loud the classic Williston song Sammy. 

This story originally ran in The Willistonian.