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Football Team Continues Impressive Winning Streak


The Wildcats are on a gridiron winning streak.

In their past two home games, the team scored some of their biggest wins of the season, defeating Philips Academy Andover 40 – 24 on Oct. 6 and Philips Exeter 23 – 14 this past Saturday night (Nov. 6).

“I think we are playing our best football right now,” said Head Football coach Tommy Beaton. “We are hitting our stride and continue to get better every week.”

The Wildcats participate in the NEPSAC Class A Erickson league, one of the most competitive conferences in New England prep football.

In the past 17 years, the team has managed to win over 60 percent of its games, according to the Williston webpage, and this year will be no exception.

Senior Dallas Elliott, a two year captain of the varsity team, credits the team’s positive attitude and hard work with their success.

“The current team performance has been awesome,” Dallas said. “The guys come into practice and lift every day with a lot of energy. I think this plays a huge role in our success in the games.”

Beaton said the recent winning streak is all the more exciting because of the year-round hard work that goes into every Saturday’s contest.

“Our guys work so hard year-round and only get to play in eight games,” Beaton said, “so when you do get a win there is no better feeling. I think the games we won are due to our work ethic, toughness, and team camaraderie.”

This story originally ran in The Willistonian.