Field of Dreams


New Carpenter Field Dugouts are a timely gift


Visitors to Williston baseball games this spring will be greeted by the sight of two fresh new dugouts, built with a generous gift from Martha and Walter McLaughlin P’12, ’14. The dugouts will provide many benefits to players and fans alike, adding not only coverage from unpredictable New England weather, but also an additional “baseball feel” to the already hallowed grounds.

As longtime baseball fans and supporters of Williston, the McLaughlins first came to know the school through their family construction company, Fontaine Bros., which built the Athletic Center, the Galbraith Field complex, and other campus projects. In addition to their support of Williston’s physical space, the McLaughlins have bolstered the school with hustle: their older son, Kevin ’14, played baseball throughout his six years on campus. Well-loved by his teammates, Kevin brought his sense of humor to the plate to keep practices light, and in key moments lent his speed as a pinch runner. Kevin’s brother, Walter ’12, was also a strong athlete and team captain several times over. “The Williston sports experience encompassed teamwork, friendship, and good sportsmanship,” says Martha McLaughlin, recalling her family’s fond memories of Wildcat athletics. The McLaughlins hope the dugouts will have a tangible and positive impact on the baseball program for years to come, building on the camaraderie so enjoyed by their sons.

It’s fitting, too, that this is the dugouts’ rookie year: 2019 marks the 25th year that Matt Sawyer will coach the Wildcats, a milestone by any standard. Sawyer inherited a rich legacy of Williston baseball from the field’s namesake, Dan Carpenter, who also coached for 25 years and is ranked second to Matt in career wins in the sport. In addition to the visual and practical benefits, Sawyer says the dugouts “will make Carpenter Field one of the top venues in New England Prep Baseball.”