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Fall Season 2020: Athletic Awards


While this fall season for Wildcat athletics was most unusual, it was not without success! Our teams demonstrated remarkable resilience, esprit de corps, and enthusiasm in working together to have the best season possible. Led by our exceptional coaching staff, all of our teams improved tremendously throughout the season as the focus shifted from interscholastic competition to skill development, team building, and enjoying the camaraderie of the competitive experience. For our varsity teams, our coaches did a terrific job of providing exposure for all those aspiring college athletes on their teams. All in all, I could not be more proud of how our athletic program rallied together to make the best of the highly unusual fall season! At our season end celebrations in November, the following students were recognized with individual awards. Congratulations to them and all the athletes on a remarkable season!

Fall 2020 Award Winners

Girls Cross-Country
MVP: Abigail Touhey ’22, Anna Richardson ’21
MIP: Hannah Roche ’23, Kaitlyn Ondrick ’24
Sportsmanship: Poojaa Prakash Babu ’21

girls cross country team

Boys Cross-Country
MVP: Will Chalfant ’24
MIP: Connor Queenin ’23
Sportsmanship: Alejandro Boughton Ruiz ’21, Charlie Vachet ’21

Varsity Field Hockey
MVP: Maeve Reynolds ’22
MIP: Journee Jones ’24
Sportsmanship: Natalie Stott ’22

JV Field Hockey
MVP: Abby Schulkind ’21, Gemma Polino ’25
MIP: Abby Muscato ’24
Sportsmanship: Lily Shields ’21, Sonia Whitman ’21

Varsity Football
Jim Purce Overall MVP Award: Dallas Elliott ’22, Will Jarvis ’21
Lindy Hanson Offensive MVP: Eni Falayi ’21, Ethan Hebb ’22
Edwards Stimets Defensive MVP: Stephen Sergio ’21
Rick Francis MIP: Will Sawyer ’22
Mills Kicking Game Award: Alex Latkovski ’21
Sportsmanship: Cam Huntley ’21


Varsity Girls Soccer
MVP: Selena Negron ’22
MIP: Dore Adeosun ’23, Caroline Aufiero ’24
Sportsmanship: Emily Crovo ’23
Alumnae Award: Emily O’Brien ’21, Emily Zambarano ’21


JV Girls Soccer
MVP: Linda Askenazi Mochon ’21
MIP: Zoe Simon ’26
Sportsmanship: Carly Goodman ’23, Sam Yunes ’23

Varsity Water Polo
MVP: Jack Haddad ’22, Nathan Shatz ’21
MIP: Brycen Barry ’24, Getchell Gibbons ’23
Sportsmanship: Liam Coughlin ’21, Matt Thompson ’22

water polo

Varsity Boys Soccer
Alfred J. Ekblom Jr. MVP: Matthew Moreno ’21
MIP: Pietro Briguglio ’22, Henry Wiemeyer ’22
Sportsmanship: Zac Landon ’22, George Spence ’21
12th Player Award: Jose Paiz ’22


JV A Boys Soccer
MVP: Emmet Mahoney ’22
MIP: Austin Conroy ’23
Sportsmanship: Tyler Silverman ’21, Kai Hori ‘22

JV B Boys Soccer
MVP: Aidan Joyce ’24
MIP: Luke Grabowski ’25
Sportsmanship: Jack Berrien ’25

Varsity Volleyball
MVP: Erin Chai ’21
MIP:  Abby Belfer ’21
Sportsmanship: Grace Bean ’22


JV Volleyball
MVP: Kaitlyn Williams ’23
MIP: Audree Edmunds ’23
Sportsmanship: Hana Naughton ’23