Creators’ Corner


Williston alums are showcasing their artistic talents in podcasts, on TV shows, and in video games. Here are a few to follow.

The power of video games comes through their stories, and the voice actors behind our favorite video game characters help bring everything to life. Leeanna Albanese ’16 is lending her voice to a much-loved series, as she joined the voice actors for Persona 5 Tactica, the latest chapter of the video game franchise. Albanese is voicing the character Erina, who is a newcomer herself to the video game franchise. Erina is the biggest voice-acting role Albanese has landed yet. The game is due out November 17, 2023, and is available on all major consoles and PC.

Liz Culley ’03 has carved out a successful career in the digital content industry, and her latest venture is allowing her to tell her story, her way. “Cool Cool Cool,” a podcast Culley started in October 2022, is about “a lot of interesting conversations, stories from the late 90s and early 00s, sh*t talk, gay stuff and things I’m into,” according to her Instagram post announcing the podcast’s start. Culley welcomes a variety of guests to her weekly program, typically about 50 minutes, to talk a little bit about everything. Check out her podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Christian Hanley ’05 is no stranger to hosting a podcast, but now he’s getting personal with it. Hanley recently launched a new podcast series, “Good Guys Getting Better,” hosted by himself and featuring friends and colleagues, to talk about “fatherhood, relationships, and the endless pursuit of not being a d!&k,” according to his Substack. A full-time consultant and dad, Hanley’s new show will feature the news and politics from his old show, “Keep It in Perspective,” but will also dive deeper into conversations around parenting, relationships, and the “things that really matter.” Find episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

We all love to eat—but have you ever wondered about the history of your favorite dish? Mickey Meyer ’03 produced a television show that gets right to the heart of that question. Messy History of American Foods, streaming on Prime Video, tells us the complicated backstories—from secret legacies to unsung heroes—of foods we eat every day. The six-episode series, narrated by Conrad Haynes, covers cereal, hamburgers, soda, bread, chicken wings, and chocolate. Learn more at Prime Video.

An acclaimed sex therapist, Yana Tallon-Hicks ’04 is writing down the answers to all the questions you’ve been to afraid to ask about your love life in her new book Hot and Unbothered. The book talks us through “how to think about, talk about, and have the sex you really want.” The book gets into all aspects of a healthy love life—with plenty of examples—and “the results make for a superb manual on having more fun in bed (or wherever),” according to a review from Publishers Weekly. Available through bookstores or online vendors.