Cool on Campus


We polled admission interns about the latest in food, music, and more. Here are their picks.

Favorite Meal at a Downtown Restaurant

  • Pulled Chicken Quesadilla from La Veracruzana: “There is the perfect ratio of chicken to cheese, and the chicken seasoning tastes amazing.”—Alyssa ’25
  • Buffalo Wings from Antonio’s: “I didn’t know Antonio’s had wings for the longest time, but they are so good, and you can get them different levels of spicy.”—Elle ’24
  • Tofu Crunch Roll and Hibachi Noodles from Kisara: “The food is so good that it is worth the seven-minute walk from campus.”—Daliah ’24

Song You’re Listening to on Repeat

  • “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest: “The background music in it is great, and it has such good vibes as a song. I feel like it really embodies Williston in the fall.”—Maisie ’24
  • “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins: “…because of its specific, interesting style and cool drums.”—Jack ’25
  • “Paper News” by Ritt Momney: “I’ve been listening to it and practicing it on guitar for Williston Open Mic Night.”—Ronan ’24

Essential Item in Your Dorm Room

  • LED lights: “They add fun color and character to my room.”—Olivia ’25
  • Mini fridge: “I always keep it stocked, and it’s nice to grab a water bottle or Gatorade from there when I need it.”—Ronan ’24

Must-Have for Your Backpack

  • Gum: “It helps me focus during class. There have even been studies that students do better on tests when they are chewing gum.”—Lucy ’25
  • Water bottle:  “…because hydrate or die-drate.”—Olivia ’25
  • Noise-canceling headphones: “They’re always super helpful, whether you’re working out in the Cain Athletic Center or getting work done quietly in the library.”—Elle ’24

Favorite Order in the Stu-Bop

  • Banana chocolate chip muffins: “They’re so good, especially if you ask for it grilled on the flattop. Especially during assessment week, it’s the perfect pick-me-up.”—Elle ’24
  • Chicken sandwich: “Because it’s so crispy and tastes good!”—Dilan ’25