Athletes of the Week

Coraly Siegel ‘23- Varsity Girls Squash

In her first season on the courts, Coraly has picked up the sport of squash in record time. She is driven to learn all she can about the sport and is constantly asking questions about the rules, strategy, and tips for improving her game. Last week, her dedication to improvement paid off as she climbed a ladder slot in convincing fashion during a challenge match. Coraly followed this up by taking her Canterbury opponent to extra points in the match on Saturday. On the court, Coraly has lightning quick feet and goes hard after every ball. She has been relentlessly working on serve return and that part of her game has improved tremendously since the start of the season. Off the court, Coraly is a beacon of positivity for the team. She is always smiling and always contributing to a great team atmosphere with her team first attitude. Coraly will be a vital part of the squad for the rest of the season.

Peter Wang ‘23-Boys Varsity Squash

Peter has been an important piece of the puzzle to success for the boys varsity squash team. He earned this week’s AOW honor for his superb play at #3 singles. Peter is a graceful squash player with a knack for finesse shots. Even against the best teams, Peter can catch opponents off guard with sudden drop shots from the back court and touch boasts in the front court. On Saturday, Peter beat his Pomfret opponent with creative combinations that not only earned him a victory but entertained the crowd. Everyone who watches Peter play wishes they could add a bit of his smoothness to their own game. The Wildcats appreciate all Peter has given to the squad this season and they will continue to rely on him as they move through the back half of the season.

Katya Krasnovskaya ’24- Girls Swimming and Diving

Katya has had a fantastic season in the water for the girls swimming and diving team this year. She continued her strong swimming performances this past week, picking up two event wins on Saturday against a competitive opponent from Kingswood-Oxford. She works tremendously hard in all aspects to improve her own skills, and by doing so has helped to raise the competitiveness of the whole squad. Katya has been a critical part of the team success this season and is a great leader on deck and in the locker room.

Cole Cavanagh ‘26- Boys Swimming and Diving

Cole has had a standout season in the water for the Wildcats. He has been a rock on the diving boards for the team and has led the divers all season long. His point scoring ability has been critical to the team’s success this season. In addition to his powers from the diving boards, he is also a major contributor in the freestyle events and has been a huge part of the last two wins for the boys swimming and diving team. The Wildcats will continue to lean on Cole for his hard work and point scoring ability as they work through the remainder of the season.

Camille Armaganian ’24- Girls Varsity Hockey

A 3-year player for the Wildcats, Camille has taken her game to the next level this winter. She’s moved to playing center and she’s been instrumental in helping her team get the puck out quickly, jump-starting the offense. Camille plays hard every day and is relentless in her pursuit of the puck. She’s tough to play against in practice and our opponents feel the same way. Camille is a 200 foot player, who back checks as hard as she forechecks. After being unable to compete for the first week of January she returned two weeks ago to help the team to a 1-0 victory against Southfield, then was instrumental in the win over Kent scoring a goal in the 5-1 win. Most recently, she was the first to score in our 11-1 win over Hotchkiss.  Camille is strong, a fierce competitor and makes others around her better because she’s always pushing herself in all she does. Her teammates and coaches look forward to her contributions for the remainder of the season.

Skyler Walker ’26- Girls Varsity Basketball

Skyler has been an offensive and defensive stalwart all season for the girls varsity basketball team. In her first season competing for the Wildcats, she is averaging a double-double in points and rebounds. More importantly, Skyler has consistently been an incredibly hard worker and teammate. She always strives to bring a positive and intense effort to practice, helping to raise the level of her teammates. The Cats will continue to look to Skyler for leadership through example, work ethic and impactful contributions on the floor for the rest of this season.

Sierra Grandonico ’26- Skiing

Sierra has been integral to the ski team this season. She always has a positive attitude and consistently  works hard to improve. This continued this week as she had yet another fantastic week of practice. Her work ethic on the hill and during dry land training has made her a fantastic leader through example. Only a freshman, she has been able to become a leader for the team and is learning how to mentor the younger skiers. Sierra’s impact will undoubtedly be felt for many seasons to come, and the team will continue to rely on her for her point scoring ability and leadership.

Jaxon Axelman ’25 – Boys JV Basketball

Jaxon’s athleticism and explosiveness on the court have made him a key contributor to the squad. He is a great on-ball defender and uses his quick feet and hands to make it difficult for opponents to score. He is one of the team leaders in steals, and on Saturday against rival Deerfield Academy, Jaxon had three important steals to help the Wildcats overcome a slow start on the way to a 57-38 victory. He also added 11 points, including his first three of the season. Through a lot of hard work in the off season, Jaxon’s offense and ball-handling skills have improved tremendously, as he has learned to use his quickness and speed to get to the rim. Jaxon is also a great team player who looks to set up his teammates for easy shots. The Wildcats look forward to his continued growth and contributions for the remainder of the season.

Daniela Kraus ‘24-Girls JV Hockey

On Saturday, against Hotchkiss, Daniela or “DK” as she is affectionately known, was thrown into a position she had never practiced or played before. Her response, “Okay, Coach.” After asking a few questions, she hit the ice and was a force on defense, and although the final was a loss, 4-1, DK was a key factor in keeping Hotchkiss at four goals with her solid positioning and aggressive play. DK is new to hockey and as her confidence and skills have grown this season, her competitive drive has shined. She challenges the puck carrier, is always cheering on her teammates from the bench, and is an integral piece to the team’s success. Her coaches look forward to DK’s continued growth as a player, teammate, and leader as the Cats head into the latter half of the season.

Chase Livingston ’24- Boys JV Hockey

Chase has been an integral part of the boys JV hockey team this year. He was named as a captain of the team and consistently proves why he was selected with his consistent effort and leadership. Chase works every practice at getting better, taking feedback from coaches, and utilizing it to make himself a better, more knowledgeable player. This week his efforts in practice, turned into successes. He started on the 1st line this past weekend and played with a passion, purpose and grit unmatched by others on the ice. In this capacity, he helped fuel the team’s 2-1 comeback win against NMH – the team’s first win of the season! Chase will continue to play an important role as we move forward in the season and his coaches are excited about his growth as a player.

Dean Ruksnaitis ’26- Boys Thirds Basketball

Dean has been a mainstay for the boy’s thirds basketball team this winter. He started the season not able to compete but quickly established himself as a team player doing everything he could to support his teammates. His positive spirit and friendly manner make him a favorite amongst his teammates. Since the return from the holiday, Dean has made his presence felt on the court with strong inside play, rebounding and scoring around the basket. Defensively, he is a space eater who moves his feet exceptionally well for a big guy. In the Cats’ most recent games, his improvement has been noticed as he has refined his offensive play, scoring timely baskets in the paint. The team looks forward to his continued improvement and contributions as they face the last month of their season.

Lauren Counter ‘26-Girls JV Basketball

Lauren has been pivotal for the girls JV basketball team. She is quite often the practice knock-out champion, and that offensive prowess extends to the gametime action as well. Lauren is always looking for her shot, sparking the offensive pressure. She is ready to dribble and dish or lay the ball in herself. Her rebounding is something to be envied, as she fights for the ball and is ready to wrestle it from an opponent’s hands at any time. Lauren is also a great teammate. She shows this through her enthusiastic cheering for a teammate while she’s on the bench, or as she high-fives her fellow player who is on the free throw line while on the court. Her team feels lucky to have Lauren as a part of the squad and they appreciate all she has contributed this season.

Connor Graff ’26- Boys JV Squash

Connor has had an impactful season for the boys JV squash team. His impact has been felt by his team as he is brings an intense work ethic with him each day, providing a positive example for his teammates as to what hard work can do. His work ethic has led to Connor improving his game by getting better at hitting in general as his technique is improving quickly. His forehands and backhands are getting more sophisticated, and his mental game has taken tremendous strides. His coach reports that it is fun to see him hit with depth towards the back of the court, creating nightmare situations for his opponents. Connor has a bright future in the Williston squash program and his teammates and coaches look forward to witnessing his continued growth this season.

Lila Parsons ‘28– Girls 3rds Basketball

Lila has played an important role on the girls 3rds basketball team. She is a relentless competitor and supportive teammate, providing an excellent example for her teammates. Lila has improved immensely over the season and continues to bring an awesome positive spirit to the team. She fearlessly attacked the basket on Saturday and even grabbed rebounds over much taller players! She played her hardest from start to finish on Saturday and her coaches are proud of what she’s done for the team and herself this season!