Athletes of the Week

Emmett Gould ‘26-Skiing

Since joining the ski team, Emmett has been a shining example of responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship, and talent. He has proven himself to be a leader to some of the younger members on the team, and as one of the youngest members to race varsity, Emmett has consistently finished with some of the best times in his races. His coaches and teammates look forward to his continued contributions this season.

Nina Coffee ’26- Girls Varsity Hockey

As a first-year member of the girls varsity hockey program, Nina has a become a consistent and reliable defensemen for the Wildcats this season. Her composure with the puck and ability to join the offense has made her a strong contributor to the team. From her forward position on the power play, she scored the game winning goal in the team’s 1-0 win over Dexter Southfield this past week. Her strong performances continued to Saturday where she chipped in an assist in the 5-1 victory over Kent. Additionally, Nina played smart defense against a physical and tough Kent team, proving her ability to impact both ends of play. Nina’s game and play has made steady progress since arriving because of her hard work, confidence, and maturity with the puck. Her team looks forward to her continued efforts and improvement over the remainder of the season.

Meghan Carey ’24- Girls Varsity Basketball

Meghan has been critical to the successes of the girls varsity basketball team this season. She has been leading the charge defensively over the last week averaging 4 steals and 8 rebounds to go along with 4 assists and 10 points per game. Most notably she came up clutch for the Wildcats by netting some late free throws to seal the win against Deerfield. The Cats will continue to look to Meghan for her strong play, competitive spirit and leadership through example as they work through the back half of the season.

Nathan Kerr ’23- Boys Varsity Squash

Nathan has had an impact season for the boys varsity squash team. His impact has been felt through season-long leadership and most recently, some excellent play against Canterbury and Avon Old Farms. Nathan loves the game. He studies it like an academic subject. He knows the nuances of squash so well that he capitalizes on every let and stroke available to him in match play. Off the court, he is punctual, witty, and a guardian of long held team traditions. In a recent practice, he sacrificed court time to help referee his teammates as they played a challenge match because, as he put it, “I just love watching them play; they are at the same level, so it makes the points really fun.” His coach hopes every Wildcat loves their sport the way that Nate does and his teammates appreciate his team first mentality and dedication to the squad.

Zoe Zhang ‘25- Girls Varsity Squash

Zoe had a nice breakthrough on Saturday. After dropping the first two games vs. Ethel Walker 2-11, and 5-11, Zoe found her groove and started hitting beautifully tight and deep shots over and over. She won that game 11-8 and then kept up that high level of play in game 4 dropping a very close 8-11. Zoe’s dedication to improving her squash is evident during practice where she enjoys challenging herself by playing opponents higher up the ladder. Her drive is such that she comes to the court on the weekends and days off for extra practice. Zoe’s team first attitude shines through as she constantly helps newer players to improve during practice. Her coaches know that opponents and teammates alike are sure to respect the quiet focus with which she approaches the game for the remainder of the season.

Alexandre Pellerin ’24- Boys Varsity Hockey

Alex has been an important cog in the wheel for the boys varsity hockey team this season. He has been a steady force on the blue line for the Wildcats this season. Last week his contributions continued as he added 2 goals and 2 assists to his stat sheet in the team’s victories. Alex competes hard, plays with an edge, and works incredibly hard to get better every time he steps on the ice. The Wildcats look forward to his continued growth, offensive contributions and leadership through example as they work through the rest of their highly competitive season.

Sarah Martini ‘26- Girls JV Basketball

Sarah has been, and continues to be, the quintessential teammate this season competing for girls JV basketball. Before looking for her own shot, she wants her teammates to score, this is a huge reason as to why she is the assist leader for the team. She is always cheering for her teammates’ success and humble in her own. A highlight from last week’s game against Hotchkiss was when she stole the ball from their point guard and took it full court to lay it in for a tightly contested layup. Additionally, she is an excellent rebounder, showing effort and passion in securing as many rebounds as possible so that her team can get the ball and push the pace. Sarah has worked hard day in and day out and because of this she has continued to grow into an excellent post player. Sarah’s coaches and teammates feel lucky have her as apart of the squad and they will continue to rely on her for her leadership through example, team first mentality and strong play.

Aidan Joyce ‘24-Boys JV Hockey

As a veteran player on the boys JV hockey team, Aidan has grown in size and skill over the past few years. As a result of his maturity and leadership through example, Aidan was elected by his teammates to be a co-captain. He sets a positive tone by working hard in practice and encouraging his teammates to be focused and work hard too. During games, he is a strong all-around player who competes hard and always conducts himself with a high level of sportsmanship. Aidan Joyce will play a large role in any success the Wildcats have in the weeks to come.

Jacob Waah ’25 – Boys JV Basketball

Jacob has been integral to the major success of the boys JV basketball team this season. He is one of the key reasons that the Wildcats have held opponents to only about 30 points per game. He is an outstanding defensive player who brings toughness, strength, and intensity in a way that makes it almost impossible for his opponent to score. His excellence as a defender was on full display on the road against the Salisbury School last week. Jacob came into the game after a 12-0 run by Salisbury and completely shut down their leading scorer. His defense was a key reason that the Wildcats were able to escape with a 38-33 win. He also brings his defensive intensity and leadership every day in practice and by doing so makes his teammates better. The Wildcats appreciate all Jacob has contributed to the team this season.

Maggie Fay ’25- Girls JV Hockey

Maggie has proven to be a leader on and off the ice this year. Her leadership shines through by her actions. She is often seen filling water bottles, picking up pucks, cheering her teammates on, and provides the team with the best tunes! The backbone of the team lies in the defensive core. Maggie is an integral piece to the team’s defense, always giving 100%, standing tall, and in solid position. She not only is solid on defense, but she is also known to put the puck in the net, as well. This Saturday against a strong squad from NMH, she netted a goal in the 4-2 win. Her coaches and teammates look forward to Maggie’s continued leadership throughout the season.

Sebastián Enriquez ’25- Boys JV Squash

Sebastian has had a great season for the boys JV squash program. His strong season continued recently as he won both of his matches against Suffield and Berkshire. In both these matches Sebastián played a great mental game by hitting almost impossible to return shots when he was in difficult situations. This proved not only his squash IQ, but also his never quit attitude. His court awareness and positioning have improved tremendously and have proven to be a valuable part of his game. Sebastian works hard every day in practice and his work ethic has provided an excellent example for his teammates. His coaches and teammates look forward to his continued growth this season and are excited to see what else he can contribute.