Athletes of the Week

Kaitlyn Williams ’23 -Girls Varsity Water Polo

Kaitlyn has been an instrumental part of the girls water polo team’s early season success. As a defensive stopper Kaitlyn is tasked with defending the opponent’s top player and has been outstanding so far with 11 steals and 3 field blocks in the first 4 games. Kaitlyn is also responsible for starting the team’s “wicked” fast break, tallying 19 assists. She has been a key ingredient to the team so far this spring and her teammates and coaches will continue to look to her for her stellar contributions as they move through the rest of the season.

Connor Queenin ‘23– Boys Varsity Track and Field

Connor’s energy and enthusiasm have helped to lead the boys track and field team through these opening three weeks of the season. He’s consistently one of the first to practice and one of the last to leave. He can most frequently be heard asking, “What’s next, coach?” or simply offering to help round up the troops to get out on a run. That said, Connor has backed up his leadership with action on the track and stands to be a valuable contributor across the season. Looking to grow beyond his distance running roots, Connor jumped into the 100 and 200 in the inter-squad meet. For both his genuine leadership and his athletic accomplishments, the team is better for having Connor be a part of it.

Greta Saxe ‘23- Girls Varsity Track and Field

As a five-year member of the team, Greta has been a resilient contributor all along. Starting her career as a sprinter, Greta then threw for a year, before deciding to return to sprinting this season. Over the years her team has counted on her to remain positive, present, and ever helpful providing a quiet yet consistently reliable level of leadership to the squad. This year, the team will look to Greta to be central to the sprint team, and also an experienced leader on a small girls squad. Already, she set strong marks in the 100 and 200 in the opening inter-squad meet. Due to her consistent leadership and athletic accomplishments, the team is better for having Greta on it!!

Brady Clark ’23- Boys Varsity Golf

Brady has been a welcome addition to the boys varsity golf team this season. He is a talented golfer and a great teammate. His modesty and determination are attributes which make him a great role model for his teammates to follow. Despite hitting the first shot of his first match out of bounds, Brady did not let it ruin his round and he went on to shoot a solid 4 over par 40 in the Wildcats’ opening match. Golf is a game where players will hit bad shots, but the strongest players respond by keeping their emotions in check and focus on the next shot. Brady has confidence in his game and is capable of harnessing motivation out of adversity. Brady will certainly play a big part in the success of the boys varsity golf team in the coming weeks.

Teaghan Hall ’22-Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Teaghan has been a strong part of the girls varsity lacrosse team this season. She brings a tremendous amount of effort and hustle to each practice, always putting in the work to make herself and her teammates better. She competed with great intensity against a very athletic Hotchkiss team this past week, playing an excellent defensive game and working hard for the Wildcats in the midfield, ultimately earning her the team award of Defensive Player of the Game. Her coaches and teammates will continue to look for Teaghan as a role model and competitor on the field, and they look forward to the rest of the season with her!

Will Sawyer ’22- Varsity Baseball

Will has been an integral piece of the varsity baseball team this season. After three games, Will is hitting .556 with 8 RBI. So far this season he has accumulated 3 doubles, a home run and boasts a 1.222 slugging percentage, staggering stats for the senior. Against Millbrook on Wednesday, he was 3-4 with a 3-run HR, a double, and a single. From the team’s spring -break trip to Florida through the start of the season up north, Will has been an outstanding leader in his role as one of the team captains. His consistent work ethic and positive attitude are valued by both his teammates and coaches. The Wildcats will continue to look to Will for his strong play and consistent level of leadership as they traverse the rest of the season.

Minami Ogino ’22 – Girls Varsity Ultimate

Minami has led the girls ultimate team to a strong 1-1 start, pouring in 10 assists and 3 goals. She has become a primary handler and has found herself in key receiving positions. She has used her long backhand throw to create excellent opportunities for her team and has been able to shut down numerous key players on opposing teams with her quick defense. The Cats will need Minami to continue to be at her best, providing strong play and a positive leadership role as they move through the season.

Alex Hall-Witt ’23- Boys Varsity Ultimate

Alex has picked up this season right where he left off last year, continuing to be an important part of the boys ultimate recipe for success. In the team’s three games, he has thrown 19 of the 34 goals and added many long throws leading to short goals. One opponent designed their defense specifically to stop him! Despite some early season adversity, he leads the team on defense as well. He has stepped into his leadership role as a captain to bring together many new players in a short time. Alex’s teammates and coaches will rely on him as the season progresses.

Est Sukcharoenyingyong ‘24– Boys Varsity Tennis

Since boys varsity tennis has not yet played a competitive match, setting the tone in practice has been the team’s top priority. Est has gone above and beyond demonstrating dedication, effort, competitiveness, and, most importantly, sportsmanship. At the end of every practice, Est jogs to pick up the remaining balls on the court and often stays behind to continue his training with some of his teammates. He plays with a combination of joy and professionalism – great attributes for any Wildcat athlete! Despite being a sophomore, Est has already demonstrated that he can compete with older and bigger players in singles and doubles, remaining undefeated thus far in our challenge matches. The team looks forward to Est’s continued growth and contributions this season.

Sam Yunes ‘23– Girls JV Lacrosse

Sam is a leader and trusted veteran on the girls JV lacrosse team.  She shows up ready to work hard and help her teammates get better every day. She’s willing to play any position, she is genuinely excited to contribute whatever is needed to help the team be successful. In the Wildcats’ opening game against Loomis, she anchored the defense with her calm and clear communication skills. Her coaches and teammates appreciate all she has provided so far this season and will continue to look to her as they move through the spring.

Cam Richardson ‘27– Boys JV Lacrosse

Cam has had a great start to the season for the boy JV lacrosse team. He won his first ever game in goal on Saturday spearheading the team’s 10-5 victory over Frederick Gunn School. It takes a lot of courage to try goalie and Cam had only two days of real practice before the game. Despite this, he saved around half of the shots against him, outperforming the opposition goaltender by a considerable margin. The Wildcats look to Cam for his continued improvements as they move through the rest of the season.