Athletes of the Week

Cristina Negron ’22- Girls Varsity Basketball

Cristina has been a big piece to the girls varsity basketball team’s successes this season. She played excellent last week, capping off the week with a standout game against a skilled WMA squad on Friday. She kept the team in the game as the leading scorer with 19 points and 6 assists. As a senior leader within the program, she has made an impact both on and off the court as she brings a strong work ethic and can-do attitude to every practice and game. Her positive leadership has helped to raise the level of competitiveness from her teammates which has impacted the team positively as a whole this season. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Cris as they work through the remainder of the season.

Gavin Havens ’22- Boys Varsity Hockey

Gavin has been a strong contributor to the success of the boys varsity hockey team this season. Since the New Year, Gavin is averaging over 1 point per game and is leading by example playing with both physicality and poise. On top of this, he is a great teammate both on and off the ice and is continuously pushing his teammates positively to improve. Gavin’s leadership through example and positive attitude have been critical in the team’s development this season, and the Wildcats will continue to rely on these contributions as they move through the rest of the season.

Sophia Jones ’22- Girls Varsity Hockey

While Sophia hasn’t been able to play this season, she’s still making contributions to the team’s on ice performance each game. This week, Sophia was instrumental in providing feedback to the coaches and the team about the team’s play against Westminster and Hotchkiss. Sophia is a student of the game and clearly articulates her thoughts about ways the team could improve and moments where the team is excelling.  Sophia is well respected by her teammates and when she speaks, they listen intently! Her coaches are proud of Sophia’s positive spirits and contributions to the team this season.

Hudson Fulcher-Melendy ’24 – Boys Thirds Basketball

Hudson is one of the most experienced players on the boys thirds basketball team. In the past week, he has taken on a leadership role during both practices and games.  His knowledge of the game, his competitiveness and his strong athletic awareness have all made a positive impact on his team’s development and performance.  One of the better perimeter shooters in the program, Hudson has sought out other ways to impact his team’s success – driving to the basket, setting up teammates, playing “lockdown” defense when his team needs it, offering a word of encouragement to a teammate!  In recent games against both Eaglebrook and Loomis, his ability to impact the overall performance of his team has been elevated.  The team will continue to look to Hudson to provide leadership and heady play as they compete in the coming weeks.

Liza Hampson ‘25 – Girls JV Basketball

Liza Hampson has shown tremendous heart and leadership during this season competing on the girls JV basketball squad. On Wednesday, in the team’s game against Westminster, she scored 8 points, a team high. More impressively, she got the other team in many tie-ups that allowed for extra possessions for the Wildcats. Her impactful play continued into Saturday’s game against WMA, as she contributed another strong defensive showing. During practice, she in a constant contributor, asking questions when confused and demonstrating drills when asked to. Her coaches and teammates are lucky to have Liza as part of the girls’ JV basketball team, and they look forward to her continued growth and contributions for the remainder of the season.

Liam Barry ’25- Boys JV Squash

Liam has had a great season for the boys JV squash program. He brings a fierce intensity to every game and every point. This competitiveness helped him to beat the person directly above him on the ladder this week after several weeks of closely fought matches between them. Liam brings a great energy to practice and is always eager to get on the court. He even brings his intensity and energy to our start of practice warm-ups making them more effective and engaging for the entire team. This is just one example of his “team first” attitude. Liam’s coaches expect Liam to continue to grow and to contribute great things to the squash program.

Evie Paasch ’27- Girls JV Hockey

Over the course of the girls JV hockey season, Evie has always been seen with a smile on her face! She brings a positive energy to the team by always encouraging others with kind words, finding ways to include her teammates in the play, and always willing to help her coaches. Over the past two weeks, the team has had 3 games canceled. Evie continued to bring her “upbeat” attitude and encouragement when it was most needed! Her teammates and coaches look forward to Evie continuing to bring her positive energy as the team heads into the latter half of the season.