Athletes of the Week

Campbell Collins ’23- Girls Swimming and Diving

Campbell has been vital to the girls swimming and diving teams’ success this season. Still early in her Williston career, she has won 6 individual races this season.  A distance-specialist, she has been an incredible addition to the team. Campbell has worked extremely hard this past off-season in and out of the pool and this work ethic has continued. By doing so she has developed into a strong leader in and out of the water and her coaches and teammates will be looking forward to a strong finish to the season from her.

Herrick Stevenson ’25- Boys Swimming and Diving

Herrick has been an important cog in the wheel of success for the boys swimming and diving team. He won his first two individual races of the season on Saturday against Kent.  Throughout the season his hard work in practice has paid off as he is a consistent performer for the team.  He is one of the hardest workers in and out of the water and has proven to be an invaluable teammate. His coaches and teammates look forward to his continued growth this season.

Olivia Zaiken ’27- Girls Varsity Squash

Olivia has been a wonderful new addition to girls varsity squash team this season. Despite being in 7th grade, Olivia brings great experience to squash. She works hard in practice, she listens, and she tries to implement the suggestions that she gets from her teammates and coaches. As a result, Olivia has made steady progress moving all the way up our ladder to playing as high as number three. This last week Olivia played three great matches including a tough 10-12 loss in the 5th game against Hopkins. Olivia followed that up immediately with a convincing 3-0 win in her next match. Her coaches and teammates are so excited to have Olivia on the team and look forward to many great matches in seasons to come.

Dan McKiernan ’22-Boys Varsity Hockey

As a senior and assistant captain, Dan has had a great season for the boys varsity hockey team. In the team’s most recent 2-1 overtime victory over Millbrook Dan scored both goals for the Wildcats. Throughout the season Dan has been a consistent leader in the locker room and on the ice. He is one of the hardest workers on and off the ice providing his teammates with an excellent example, and his work has paid dividends. His coaches look forward to what is ahead for Dan and his teammates as they move through the rest of the season.

Teaghan Hall ‘22- Girls Varsity Hockey

Teaghan has had a great season for the girls varsity hockey team. She has been a tremendous contributor on the ice as well a consistent leader of the offense. This past weekend, she earned her first hat trick of her career in the Cats’ 7-1 win over Kent. Teaghan’s work ethic is unmatched, and she consistently wins her battles in the corners and along the wall. Teaghan is often backchecking her heart out to help the defense and breaking up plays of opponents. She brings positivity to every practice, game and lift. Her coaches and teammates look forward to her continued contributions this season.

Channing Doran ’24- Boys Varsity Squash

Since the first day of boys varsity squash tryouts, Channing has stood out as a committed, disciplined, and versatile athlete. Channing arrives early to practices to ensure that he warms up appropriately with his teammates, and he is one of the last to leave to get the most out of court time before the next team enters the courts. Channing’s coachability and willingness to learn new strategies and strengthen his boast, drop, and drive shots makes him a team member who is always adapting to challenges. At last Saturday’s tri-match, Channing played three strong matches against rivals Canterbury, Avon, and Berkshire, racking up points in each game, and improving with each match. Channing can be found on the courts during downtime perfecting his shots and preparing for his next court challenge. His team looks forward to watching Channing’s continued growth as they move through the rest of the season.

Mia Grady- Girls JV Squash

Mia has stepped up this season tremendously for the girls JV squash team. She took on a leadership position as the captain of the JV squash team as her ability to lead by example is second to none. She is a team player who cares about her teammates.  She is helpful, supportive and is kind on and off the courts. During games this is also apparent, and she demonstrates great sportsmanship against her opponent. Her coaches and teammates look forward to her continued contributions and growth this season.

Phil Shevchenko ‘22-Boys JV Hockey

Phil joined the boys JV hockey program a few years ago with no experience playing organized hockey. Since then, both his skill level and understanding of team strategy and systems have improved tremendously. Phil loves to play hockey and comes to the rink for all practices and games with great enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and competitiveness. Phil demonstrates his commitment to improvement by frequently asking questions of both his coaches and teammates and working hard in all practices and games. His sense of humor is appreciated by all and contributes to the positive experience the team seeks to achieve. His coachability, leadership through example and grit has led a positive example for everyone on the squad and his coaches appreciate all he gives to the program.

Sebastian Enriquez ‘25 – Boys JV Squash

Sebastian has been a critical piece to the puzzle for boys JV squash this season. He has dedicated himself to getting better every day and with every shot this season. When he does miss a shot he will stop and go through the motion again a couple of times so that his swing will be better and more efficient next time. His commitment to improvement has shown up through his steady climb up the ladder. Hardly a week goes by without him moving up a slot or two. He defeated both of his opponents in the teams matches this past week in close, hard-fought duels. Furthermore, Sebastian always has a positive, team first attitude and helps the whole team improve. With his focus and drive to improve his future with Williston squash is bright.

Jack Berrien ’25- Boys Thirds Basketball

Jack has stood out on the third’s boys basketball team as a model of consistency and reliability!  A versatile competitor with strong athletic awareness, he can be counted on to play multiple positions.  Last Wednesday, he scored 21 in the Green team’s win over Rectory.  This past Saturday, he contributed in a number of ways to Blue’s exciting win over Eaglebrook.  Jack’s coaches and teammates have come to rely on his dependability and “team first” mentality.  The team will continue to look to Jack to provide steady dependable play as their season unfolds.