Athletes of the Week

Ryan Hennigan ‘22- Boys Varsity Hockey


Ryan, a senior goalie, has had a fantastic season for boys varsity hockey. He is coming off a phenomenal weekend allowing just one goal in the team’s two big wins at Winchendon 3–1 and home against Berkshire 5 –0. Shutouts in prep school hockey are tough to come by and Ryan earned it making several very key saves along the way stopping 32 of 32! Ryan has been and will continue to be an important cog in the wheel of the Wildcats’ success this year.

Maeve Reynolds ’22- Girls Varsity Hockey

Maeve has been a tremendous contributor to the girls varsity hockey team this year. She has taken her game to another level as she leads the offense.  This past week she had four goals in the team’s three games helping the team pick up some important wins. She had one goal in the Wildcats 3-0 win over Berkshire, one goal against Hoosac, and two goals against Gunnery. In addition to her scoring abilities, Maeve is an excellent penalty killer and has helped the Cats not allow a single power-play goal from their opponents.  Maeve is a serious competitor, a leader by example, and is one of the hardest workers on the team. Her coaches and teammates look forward to seeing Maeve continue to make strong contributions to the team.

Nevin Conroy ’25- Boys Varsity Squash

Nevin’s dedication to the boys varsity squash team and to the sport has been evident since the start of the season. He provides an excellent example for his teammates in the effort that he puts in during practice and the seriousness with which he applies new techniques and skills to his play on the court. He pushes himself consistently to be the best he can be on the court and in the weight room, improving each day. Last Wednesday, Nevin persevered through a nail-biting five-game match to win the team’s first match of 2022. Paired against rival Suffield Academy, Nevin was down the first two games of the match and then came back to win the last three games as his teammates and spectators cheered him on, proving to his teammates that hard work and a never quit attitude pays dividends. Nevin’s teammates and coach appreciate his efforts this season and are excited to watch his continued growth in the seasons to come.


Caroline Hodges ‘22 – Girls Varsity Squash

Caroline has been a vital member to the girls varsity squash team this season. She is a skilled squash player who brings a joyful, but serious approach to the game.  In her first week back from break Caroline stepped up into the fourth seed and played two excellent matches where half the games were decided by two points. She plays with enthusiasm and grace.  She never stops until the ball bounces twice.  In this way, Caroline encourages her teammates by word and by example.  Ever enthusiastic and hardworking in practice, Caroline defines the best spirit of the team. Her coach and teammates look forward to a wonderful season of squash with Caroline.

Tristan Kokoszka ’26- Boys Fourths Basketball

Tristan has been a valuable competitor for boys fourths basketball this season.  He contributed tremendously to the team’s two victories over Kingswood-Oxford and Bement this past week. He forced key turnovers and knocked down a key free-throw to seal the deal for the mighty fourths against KO. Tristan also showed outstanding leadership in both games by encouraging and supporting his teammates on and off the court. The Wildcats will continue to look towards Tristan for his positive example and stellar play as they move through the season.

Coraly Siegel ’23- Girls JV Hockey

This week Coraly has been the definition of “leading by example” for the Wildcats. Through her actions on and off the ice she has jumped into her role as an upperclassman leader. Coraly is new to the sport and every practice and game she gives 100% effort, always wanting to improve. During our game against Berkshire, her strong work ethic paid off, as she scored the first goal of her hockey career! Off the ice, Coraly immediately volunteered to help when a teammate was in need. She ran to pack their hockey bag so that we could get to our game in a timely fashion. Coraly’s teammates and coaches recognize this amazing leadership and know that it will help grow the team in every aspect as they move through the rest of the season.

Gunnar Tebo ‘23 – Boys JV Squash

Gunnar has been a vital piece of the puzzle for boys JV squash so far this season. He gives everything he has to every match and practice. He squeezes every moment of court time he can out of practice and often doesn’t leave the court until the next squad is coming on. Even during end of practice laps Gunnar is pushing himself and those around him to go their fastest. This competitiveness is also evident at matches where Gunnar fights hard for every point. In the match against Suffield last week he only gave up 3 points in his first two games and also cinched the final game of the set. Gunnar’s drive to improve and team-first attitude has made him a valuable part of the squad this season. His coaches will continue to expect great things from him as they move through the back half of the winter.

Brendan Capshaw ‘25- Boys Thirds Basketball

Brendan has been one of the leaders of thirds boys basketball this season.  He brings a positive attitude and great work ethic to practice each day.  A skilled point guard, he is a natural leader who is always looking for an opportunity to positively impact the team.  He works very hard on both ends of the court, always demonstrating great hustle and determination.  The team will continue to look to Brendan to provide steady leadership throughout the season.