Athletes of the Week

Margaret Edwards ‘25-Girls Varsity Basketball

Margaret has had a great start to the season for the girls varsity basketball team. On Saturday, she was stellar in the team’s game against a strong Suffield opponent. She scored 8 points on the offensive end and was a defensive force. Her defensive ability has been an integral piece of the Wildcat’s successes early this season. Margaret works tremendously hard on and off the floor, and her never-quit personality has provided a great example for her teammates. Margaret’s coaches and teammates will continue to count on her as they move through the remainder of the season.

Wes Haynes ’24- Boys Varsity Hockey

Wes has assumed a vital role in the boys varsity hockey team’s defensive corps early in the year which is very tough to do given the rigorous opening schedule. He comes to practice every day ready to work while also being a good teammate on and off the ice. His presence and attitude are noticeable by his teammates and coaches. Wes earned the first point of his Williston career against Gunnery connecting with teammate Jayson Alegria on the back post for a powerplay assist. The Wildcats will lean on Wes for his leadership through example and his mental toughness as they move through the year.

Emily Crovo ‘23 – Girls Varsity Hockey

Emily is a three-year member of the girls varsity hockey team and she comes to practice every day with a smile on her face providing an upbeat and positive attitude. She works tremendously hard on and off the ice and is always pushing herself and her teammates to be better. In the second week of the season,  Emily scored the game-winning goal against Cushing halfway through the third period.  Against Pomfret, she scored the third goal in the Cats’ 5-0 win. Additionally, Emily asked to move back to play defense so one of her teammates could play offense for the remainder of the game, proving her team-first type mentality. Emily is the consummate teammate on and off the ice and the team looks forward to her continued contributions this winter.

Luke Ballard ’23 -Boys Varsity Squash

Newcomer to the courts, Luke, embodies purpose, passion, and integrity on the boys varsity squash team. He devotedly demonstrates purpose in practices and matches because he listens carefully to skill instructions, puts them into practice, then employs them in matches such as with Kingswood Oxford last Saturday. His passion to excel in squash is evident through his hard work to learn all the different squash returns, his support for his teammates during their matches, and how he pushes himself mentally and physically during practice. Lastly, Luke’s integrity shines through in his coachability and by consistently being where he needs to be and doing what he needs to be doing. Coach Simpson and his teammates can count on Luke to help the team pursue their expectations this season.

Praghya Athavan Raja ’22- Girls Varsity Squash

As one of the Wildcats co-captains and number 1 player, Praghya bears significant responsibility, and she does so incredibly well. Praghya helps plan and lead the teams’ daily practices and she brings industriousness, positive energy, and a steady focus to the workouts. She balances intensity with good humor in her matches, as well.  Against Loomis, she played well before bowing out at 9-11. She then elevated her game and played even more intelligently against St. Mark’s. Rallying back from being down two games to one, she took the match to five exciting games. Praghya is an inspiring leader who makes our team stronger every day and the girls varsity squash team will rely on her as they move through the rest of the season.

Riley McDonald ‘25- Boys Thirds Boys Basketball

Riley has quickly established himself as a leader on the thirds basketball team. From his point guard position, he is an excellent decision-maker pushing the ball in transition and taking charge of the half-court offense. His positive attitude is contagious as he consistently picks up his teammates, encouraging them when times get tough.  In the team’s opening game vs Worcester Academy, his leadership and heady play helped the Wildcats outscore the Hilltoppers in the second half. The team looks forward to his continued leadership throughout the upcoming season!

Caledonia McKeon ’24- Girls JV Hockey

Caledonia has been the epitome of a team-first player for the girls JV hockey team. This Saturday, against Deerfield, the Wildcats needed a goalie. Cal volunteered to try it out and after only one practice she played in the game Saturday between the pipes. She did an amazing job, making some stellar blocker and glove saves to keep the team in the game. Cal is in her first season playing hockey and her willingness to try something new to help the team went above and beyond what it means to be a team player. The Wildcats will rely on her leadership through example and positive attitude this season.

Jack Wise ‘23- Boys JV Squash

Jack had a strong start to the boys JV squash season. He played a very inspiring match against Deerfield on Saturday. He started an epic 5 game match by taking the first game 17 to 15. The match was close throughout with a tough Deerfield opponent taking the next two games. Jack rallied to win game 4 sending the match to a deciding set. Even when down 10-3 in the final game Jack played each of the remaining points with focus and determination going on a impressive 5 point streak before finally dropping 8-11. Throughout the season so far Jack has shown himself to be intensely focused on playing his best squash and improving his game. His inspirational attitude and play have been a real asset to the team, and he is poised for a great season.

Maya Green ‘26– Girls JV Basketball

Maya has been an important part of the girls JV basketball team so far this season. She shows up to every practice with a smile on her face ready to give her best effort. She has an excellent attitude and work ethic. During the team’s game against Suffield on Saturday, she showed tremendous resilience against the tough opponent. Her coaches and teammates commend her enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and love of the game.

Sam Dietrich ‘27-Boys 4ths Basketball

Sam has consistently been a leader since the start of the season for the Mighty 4ths. He quickly learned the plays and encourages his teammate’s involvement. In the Wildcats home opener on Saturday against Eaglebrook, Sam gave it his all, forcing many turnovers, and setting up opportunities for his teammates. His coaches and teammates will count on Sam throughout the season.