Athletes of the Week

Jordyn Meunier ’21- Girls Varsity Basketball

Jordyn capped off a tremendous career at Williston by becoming the 8th girl in school history to surpass 1,000 points!  She did this last Friday in a game at WMA early in the second half.  This accomplishment was a testament to the tremendous effort and dedication Jordyn has devoted to becoming the best player she can be over the last five years. Beyond this accomplishment, Jordyn has been an outstanding teammate and role model for this year’s team. She arrives to practice each day upbeat and ready to take full advantage of the time the team has together. She is widely admired by both her teammates and coaches for her dedication and commitment. Girls varsity basketball will continue to rely on Jordyn’s play and leadership as the team winds down its season this week.

Getchell Gibbons ‘23 – Boys Varsity Swimming

Getchell has had an outstanding start to his Williston swimming career. After our first two dual meets, he is undefeated in his individual events (4-0) and he has made an immediate impact both in and out of the water. During practice he is one of the squad’s hardest workers and is always willing to go the extra mile for a teammate. His work ethic and positive attitude has provided a strong example and his teammates and coaches look forward to watching his growth for the remainder of this year and years to come.

Ella Mattocks ’22 – Girls Varsity Swimming

Ella has been a staple in the success of the girls swimming program for the past four years and this year is no exception as she is putting together a junior year to remember. She has won three of her first four races and has been a part of four winning relay teams. Ella has been a strong teammate and has been a vocal leader during practices and meets this winter. The team will continue to rely on her for her strong performances, positive attitude and excellent leadership as they move through the back end of the season.

Jackson Frechette ’22- Boys Varsity Squash

As the boys varsity squash team’s co-captain, Jackson embodies sportsmanship and models purpose on and off the squash court. Jackson helps lead warmup exercises and reinforce the daily skill that the team is working on. Jackson promotes passion for the sport to the rest of the team at the start of practice with shouts of team unity and when working individually with novice players on the team. Apart from selflessly investing in the development of his teammates, Jackson devotes time and attention to his own growth as a veteran squash player, as evidenced by his perpetual number one spot on the ladder. When the rest of the team has gone home at the end of practice, Jackson can be seen playing squash in Court 1, his home away from home. Jackson’s work ethic and determination have paid huge dividends as his growth on the court has been exceptional over the years. His teammates and coaches look forward to watching him flourish in years to come.

Sydney Wegner ’21- Girls Varsity Hockey

Sydney, a 2-year senior, has been a strong piece to the puzzle for the girls’ hockey team the past two seasons. Sydney is a power forward, who has demonstrated a serious work ethic every day since arriving this fall. She battles hard along the wall and uses her body well to maintain puck possession. Sydney has shown strong leadership on and off the ice by bringing positive energy to the rink and pumping up her teammates. Her coaches look forward to seeing her continue to contribute positively for the remainder of the season.

Chris Closuit ‘22 – Boys Varsity Skiing

Chris has been a cog in the wheel for boys’ varsity skiing this season. On Wednesday he had another great race finishing in the top 15 of all racers. Conditions were icy and many skiers did not finish, but Chris had a stellar performance helping the team to place 5th overall. Chris has led by example all season as his work ethic and coachability are second to none. His coaches look forward to his continued growth on the mountain.

Lily Shields ‘21 – Girls Varsity Skiing

Lily has continued her strong career on the slopes as she has put together an excellent senior year for the Wildcats. This past week was her second week with a top 5 finish. As one of the captains of the team this year, she has helped lead the team to a 2nd place and 3rd place finish overall. Her teammates and coaches have appreciated all her hard work, leadership and strong performances for the past four years.

Matthew Bukzin ’24- Thirds Squash

Matthew has shown great commitment to the thirds squash team this season. He is present for every practice and is always willing to help lead warmups. He brings with him a competitive fire that is unrelenting as he is always ready to play a match, working hard to hone is skills developed each day. Matthew is a great role model for his team as he has a great attitude, listens to the coaches instructions and provides an uplifting enthusiasm at all times. His teammates and coaches all recognize that he has done a tremendous job this season and they look forward to watching his skills develop on the court.

Sylvia Rhodes ‘21- Girls JV Skiing

Sylvia has had a strong season for the girls JV ski team. She put together another great race this week on the mountain. She has worked tremendously hard each day to improve her skills and this work has paid dividends. By doing so, Sylvia has led the JV squad as a senior with a great attitude and constant skiing improvement. Way to go, Sylvia!

Yahya Wilson ’26 – Boys 7th and 8th grade Intramural Basketball

A new member of the basketball program this season, Yahya has been working hard and showing tremendous growth on both the offensive and defensive end of the court.  Between the accuracy of his shooting skills and his relentless defense he has become a key player on the squad. Yahya’s team spirit lifts everybody up and has helped to unite his team as they work toward the playoffs. His coaches appreciate his positive attitude and coachability and look forward to watching him flourish for seasons to come.

Orion Minton ‘23 – Boys JV Squash

Orion has been an important part of the JV squash team this season. He gives every moment of practice his complete effort and brings a coachability that is unmatched. He never gives up and has won several ladder matches in come-from-behind fashion. He always has a smile on his face and radiates positivity. Finally, Orion knows that short term comfort is often the enemy of long term improvement and is willing to rethink how he approaches aspects of the game in order to invest in his future as a squash player. Orion will be a great asset to the team for years to come.

Charlie Vachet ‘21 – Boys 9th -12th grade Intramural Basketball

Charlie has been a steady presence and strong leader all season for the intramural basketball program. This past week, he has stepped up his play and helped his undermanned team get some key wins in the round robin mini tournaments. Charlie has led his team in scoring and has been a strong defensive player in the paint. He plays every game with a positive attitude and excellent sportsmanship.

Brycen Barry ‘26- Boys JV Skiing

Brycen was the boys ski team’s top JV finisher this week with a 6th place finish. As the youngest skier on the team, his coaches and teammates were elated by his strong performance! He improved on his results from last week and had a great race. Way to go, Brycen!

Danny Bussard ‘26 – Boys JV Hockey

Danny is a talented and hard-working young player. He comes to the rink for every practice ready to compete and improve. He is a confident player and a great teammate who participates every day with a positive attitude and a high degree of sportsmanship. Danny has immense potential as a player and his coaches look forward to seeing his development in the coming years.