Athletes of the Week

Henry Wiemeyer ‘22 – Boys Varsity Swimming

Henry has had a great start to his season for the Wildcats.  He is a tremendous leader in the water both during practices and during virtual meets.  His work ethic and attitude are second to none and in our first meet he was able to win 2 individual events leading the team to victory.  He is captain of the team as a junior and he has lived up to the faith his teammates and coaches put in him to assume that position. The team and his coaches look forward to his continued growth in and out of the water.

Sian Lewandowski ‘21- Girls Varsity Swimming

Sian opened up her senior campaign with four strong swims in her first virtual meet, including a win in the 100 freestyle and great performances on two winning relay teams.  As a senior captain and three-year member of the team, she continuously represents the best of Williston Aquatics. She has brought an intense work ethic every day and by doing so has provided an excellent example for all her teammates.

Cristina Negron ’22- Girls Varsity basketball

Cris has done a terrific job this winter stepping into the role of team captain for girls varsity basketball.   First and foremost, she leads by example each day in the way that she goes about practice, doing her best to get the most out of every drill.  Secondly, she is an excellent teammate who offers constant support for all her teammates.  It is very clear to anyone who watches a practice that Cris is passionate about the game of basketball.  She pours her heart and soul into the sport.  Girls basketball will continue to look to Cris to provide steady, enthusiastic leadership for the remainder of the season.

Emile Savoie ’21- Boys Varsity Hockey

As a senior goalie with the boys varsity hockey team Emile has exhibited a strong work ethic each and every day he takes the ice. In a time without games, Emile faces countless shots each day in practice and fights to the end on every rebound.  He works to improve every day and in doing so forces our skaters to elevate their level of play. He has provided steadfast leadership and his teammates and coaches will continue to rely on him to help make the team “better every day”.

Cora Webber ’21- Girls Varsity Hockey

Cora, a senior on the girls varsity hockey team, has brought positive energy on the ice in the new year.  She’s been a leader on the back end for us using her voice and helping direct our defensive group. She has also displayed tremendous resilience and leadership in the last week as she helped to lead the charge to support a close family friend as he sustained a serious injury. As we head into potential games, we look forward to Cora bringing her best to the ice and in the locker room to help the squad during their next stretch.

Jake Neumann ‘22- AP Football

Jake has been an important cog in the wheel for football’s offseason performance training so far this winter. Since returning to campus no one has worked harder than Jake. He has been stepping up as a leader both with his voice and his example of consistent hard work. He always puts in the extra work and continues to get better in all that he does. The team will continue to rely on Jake to raise the level of their offseason training this fall.

Nevin Conroy ‘25- Boys Varsity Squash

Nevin, an 8th grader and newcomer to boys varsity squash, has consistently shown his passion for the sport and the purpose of his game. Nevin brings focus and resolve to each practice to learn from his teammates who have unconditionally welcomed him. This past week Nevin has developed his boast and lob shots as well as returning to “the T” between shots. Nevin consistently incorporates the daily skills to his growing skillset and confidence on the court. His teammates and coaches look forward to his contributions in the upcoming years.

Seth O’Donell ‘24 – Thirds Squash

Seth has shown great focus and dedication to the sport in the short time the team has been together.  He arrives to practice on time and is always looking to improve. During squash drills he models the correct skill form. He has a positive attitude and works well with others. He earned the top position in the ladder match this past week.  His coaches and teammates look forward to seeing him continue to develop.

Riley McDonald ‘25 – 7th & 8th grade Boys Intermural Basketball

Riley has been an important part of the boys intramural basketball team so far this winter. He is a skilled player who has great technique handling the basketball. Despite this he can be seen providing a great example to his teammates as he is always working hard to improve other aspects of his game. In addition, he consistently shows his leadership ability by demonstrating drills and techniques for his teammates.  He helps to build a community spirit by being willing to collaborate with all team members. His positive energy and can-do attitude have been contagious, and the team will continue to rely on this as they move forward through the rest of the season.

George Spence ’21- 9th-12th grade Boys Intermural Basketball

George has come to practice every day ready to work hard and enjoy himself. He has been an outstanding leader as one of the seniors in the program as well. George impacts the cohesiveness of the group with his positive attitude and leadership, and his coaches look forward to a great season of intramural competition and fun!